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The Batanes Islands – Travel To The Land Of Storms…. and Beyond

A stone village house, Batanes, Philippines

Batanes – The Land Of Storms Travelling all the way through to the northernmost islands of the Philippines is something of an adventure in itself. Very few people venture past the northern coastline of Luzon on their Philippine vacation, content to bask in the many beaches and resorts that are found in the more popular tourist destinations. After all, what’s ... Read More »

Spend a Day in Davao

Davao Outdoor Adventures - zip line

A Day In Davao Southern Philippines Did you know that you can fly from the north to the south of the Philippines in just a few hours? The whole country is small enough to be travelled around in a couple of days, if you’re staying in Manila, some places you can visit on your holiday include Batangas, Tagaytay or Baguio. ... Read More »

Hidden Treasures of The Philippines

Treasure chest on the beach

Biggest, Smallest, Best The Philippines is a country of many wonders, treasures and stories. However, striking out on the strictly touristy road might not take you through some of the more interesting places around the country. To really savour the delights of the Philippines, you have to get off the beaten track and seek out what lays beyond it. Come with me as ... Read More »

Bohol, Philippines – Chocolate Hills, River Cruising and Gremlin Spotting..

Bohol, Philippines - Chocolate Hills

Bohol, Philippines Chocolate Hills The Chocolate Hills in Bohol offer an entirely new take on the standard-issue hills and hillocks that you can find elsewhere in the world. The province’s signature tourist destination gives you an expansive view of row upon row of curiously-shaped hills spreading into the distance. From the airport in Tagbilaran, you have to travel to Carmen ... Read More »

Close Encounters With The Gentle Giant In Donsol

Holiday Philippines - Whale Shark with swimmer

Close Encounters With The Gentle Giant Diving With Whale Sharks In Donsol Humans have a natural aversion to this predator of the sea because of its size, strength and apparent appetite for human flesh. While there are indeed certain species of sharks and other marine creatures that can inflict permanent bodily injury upon humans, there are also some species that ... Read More »

Palawan – The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 1)


Palawan -A Journey To The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 1) The Philippines has many ecologically unique and diverse locations, but none has ever come close to the beauty and bounty of Palawan. This small sliver of a province is set apart from the rest of the Luzon and Visayas islands. It is actually made up of 1,700 islands, an archipelago ... Read More »

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveler In Vigan (Part 2)

Grandpa's Inn - A popular hotel in Vigan, Philippines

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveler In Vigan (Part 2) Itching to do more in the historic city of Vigan? Here are a few ideas as to how you can spend your holiday there: Read More »