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Beat the Summer Blues: Popular Holiday Havens in the Philippines


Let’s face it: summer in the Philippines is hot, humid, and really stifling. Sometimes, all you want to do is to hole up in an air conditioned room and stay there the entire season! The alternative is to keep taking cold baths every now and then—or even live in an ice bath! Either way, to beat the heat, people usually ... Read More »

Ideal Credit Cards to Earn More Travel Rewards

best credit cards for travel points

Itching to go on that trip to Boracay? Ready to go food tripping in Bangkok or to walk the streets of Hong Kong? If you’re always looking forward to the weekends to explore new places, then getting a credit card that provides many travel rewards may be perfect for you. Aside from giving you the means to pay for some ... Read More »

Travel The Philippines With The Right Style

Backpackers Travelling In Style

Travellers Style Every trip is a one of a kind adventure. Every destination is a mystery waiting to be revealed. Each time that you hop onto a plane is a chance for you to discover a little bit more about the world. But a trip is no excuse for wearing sloppy, ill-fitting or inappropriate clothes. Even when you’re abroad and seeing ... Read More »

Raining In The Philippines? Enjoy The Great Indoors

Raining In The Philippines - Visit Manila Ocean Park

Raining In The Philippines? Enjoy The Great Indoors It’s always a bummer when you have tons of activities planned for the day but the weather won’t cooperate with you. Like most countries in the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines enjoys a lot of rainfall, especially during the monsoon season. Most beachgoers prefer to visit the country in late March to ... Read More »

Public Transport In The Philippines

Public Transport In The Philippines

Public Transport In The Philippines   Going on a holiday in the Philippines is probably one of the best vacation decisions you can ever make.  The country is chockfull of hidden getaways, surprising sights, exotic food, quaint customs, and interesting festivals that make for a truly unforgettable experience. Unless you intend to go around in a guided tour bus, you ... Read More »

The Backpacker’s Guide to Hassle-Free Travel


The Backpacker’s Guide to Hassle-Free Travel Let’s assume that you are the kind of traveller who doesn’t insist on five-star accommodations anywhere on the planet. Let’s assume further that you are travelling on a tight budget, such that every single penny is accounted for in a pocket notebook. Let’s assume, finally, that you are ready and willing to see all ... Read More »

Picking Your Perfect Place in the Philippines

Sunset, Puerto Galera - Philippines

Picking Your Perfect Place in the Philippines A Guest Post By PrivateVilla.co.uk   The Philippines are a very popular holiday destination in South East Asia. The country is an intoxicating mix of buzzing cities, stunning countryside, flora and fauna and a wonderfully friendly and welcoming people. It will be a different cultural experience to any other south East Asian country ... Read More »

How to Turn Your Vacation Dream In To Reality

Vacation Dream

How to Turn Your Vacation Dream In To Reality You’ve always wanted to travel the world. You’ve always yearned to hop on a plane or a ship and just let the miles pass by beneath your feet. You’ve always dreamed about foreign peoples, strange sights, and exotic places. So why haven’t you packed your bags and bought your ticket yet? ... Read More »

Travel without the Hassle

travel without the hassle

Travel without the Hassle, Get a Tour Guide. A Guest Post By Janet From Skyscanner Philippines Nice rhyme, right? But “travel without the hassle” is more than just a catchy phrase. It’s a traveling style that involves booking a tour package and then showing up at the airport on the date of your departure. And although most backpackers frown at ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

Coron Philippines Cliffs - Visit The Philippines

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines A Guest Post By No1 Traveller There are definitely many good reasons why there is a lot to do on a vacation in the Philippines. That’s true because there are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines depending on the tides and each has their own special charm. Here are ten great reasons ... Read More »