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9 Facts You May Not Know About Manila, Philippines.

Manila Street view

9 Facts You May Not Know About Manila, Philippines. A Guest Post By Dharm From Cheapoair.com. Manila is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Philippines and in the world and has a colorful multi-cultural heritage and history. Manila is home to many notable attractions like San Agustin Church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Rizal Park, ... Read More »

Raining In The Philippines? Enjoy The Great Indoors

Raining In The Philippines - Visit Manila Ocean Park

Raining In The Philippines? Enjoy The Great Indoors It’s always a bummer when you have tons of activities planned for the day but the weather won’t cooperate with you. Like most countries in the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines enjoys a lot of rainfall, especially during the monsoon season. Most beachgoers prefer to visit the country in late March to ... Read More »

Manila Nightlife – Party ala Pinoy

The Nightlife In Manila Party ala Pinoy   Travelling to a different country can sometimes mean letting go of everything that’s familiar, at least for a short while. You have to say goodbye to your comfortable king-size bed, to your loyal dog or cat, to your friends and family, to regular home-cooked meals served just the way you like it. ... Read More »

It’s More Fun In The Philippines, 50 Things To Do On Your Vacation

It’s More Fun In The Philippines! 50 Things To Do On Your Vacation   The summer months herald the beginning of the peak tourist season in the Philippines. From all walks of life and all parts of the world, people come over to get a taste of what this small archipelagic country on the edge of the Pacific Ocean has ... Read More »

The Heart Of A Devotee | Quiapo Church, The Black Nazarene


The Heart Of A Devotee Viva Señor Nazareno! In the first week of January, the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (more popularly known as Quiapo Church) along Quezon Boulevard, Manila becomes one of the busiest churches in the entire Philippines. This grandiose structure is home to the well-loved Black Nazarene or the Señor Nazareno, which came to the Philippines ... Read More »

The Best Christmas Sights In The Metro | Christmas In Manila


The Best Christmas Sights In The Metro  Christmas In Manila A Holiday Philippines Blog Christmas Special.   As the only Catholic country in Asia, the Philippines is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the region. There are no flurries of powdery snow falling down from the sky, no below-zero temperatures to worry about, no live pine trees ... Read More »

Secrets From Old Manila (Part 2) – ChinaTown

Secrets From Old Manila (part 2) ChinaTown   Getting around old Manila is never a problem despite the perennial traffic. Just hail a padyak (also known as kuliglig or pedicab), tell the driver what you want to see or where you want to go and you’ll soon be on your way to the next interesting destination. Hungry after all that ... Read More »

Secrets From Old Manila (Part 1)

old manila - Holiday Philippines

Secrets From Old Manila (Part 1) For most foreigners, the busy, polluted streets in the heart of old Manila are not the ideal tourist scene. The roads are narrow, two- or three -lane affairs where traffic is bad all day, all year round (but most especially during Christmas and before classes start in June). The air is laden with vehicle ... Read More »

The Philippines For The Cultured Traveller – Museums & Art

National Museum - Manila, Philippines

Dig A Little Deeper Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can learn more about the country you want to visit than the standard-issue tourist stuff you can find in books, websites and magazines? Not a lot of people spend time trying to familiarize themselves with their holiday destination, thinking that they’ll only stay a couple of days or weeks anyway. ... Read More »

Getting to the Philippines

Getting to the Philippines – Flights & Airports   Booking your flight to the Philippines should not be too much of a hassle, given that there are already a good number of airlines that offer direct or connected flights to the country. You can go through your favorite travel agency or just book a flight on your own with your ... Read More »