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Ten things you will LOVE about the Philippines

10 Things You Will LOVE About The Philippines   Most seasoned travellers have a favorite holiday destination that they like going back to every now and then. There’s just that something in that particular place that sets it apart from any other location on earth. Whether you’ve been on holiday to the Philippines a couple of times already or you’re ... Read More »

Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 3) – Panagbenga

Chilling Out In Baguio (part 3 of a series) Every other tourist destination you visit will give you the luxury of walking aimlessly around, stopping at stores to shop, eat or simply sightsee. In Baguio, there’s no such thing as idle, unproductive time. There’s so much to see and do that you would feel like you will not cover everything ... Read More »

Say It Like A Filipino: Useful Words, Phrases and Cultural Notes

A Quick Guide to Filipino: Useful Words, Phrases and Cultural Notes.   It’s easy to get lost in a new place, and it’s almost inevitable that you will get confused with street names, train stations and the like when you travel abroad. During times like this, even your Google Earth map may not be of much help to you and ... Read More »