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Travel The Philippines With The Right Style

Backpackers Travelling In Style

Travellers Style Every trip is a one of a kind adventure. Every destination is a mystery waiting to be revealed. Each time that you hop onto a plane is a chance for you to discover a little bit more about the world. But a trip is no excuse for wearing sloppy, ill-fitting or inappropriate clothes. Even when you’re abroad and seeing ... Read More »

The Batanes Islands – Travel To The Land Of Storms…. and Beyond

A stone village house, Batanes, Philippines

Batanes – The Land Of Storms Travelling all the way through to the northernmost islands of the Philippines is something of an adventure in itself. Very few people venture past the northern coastline of Luzon on their Philippine vacation, content to bask in the many beaches and resorts that are found in the more popular tourist destinations. After all, what’s ... Read More »

Travelling The Philippines On A Budget

Travelling the Philippines on a Budget

On Vacation, Every Penny Counts Backpacking & Travelling on a Budget The Philippines is one of the cheapest places that you can ever travel to. For only P10,000 (less than US$250), you can go on a 3-day-2-night beach tour to Boracay or Puerto Galera. You can also see museums, churches, restaurants and shopping malls in Manila. You can explore the ... Read More »

5 Things NOT To Do, On Your Holiday To The Philippines.

5  Things NOT To Do, On Your Holiday To The Philippines.   You must have read tons of online articles and magazines giving advice on what you should do or see or visit when going to a country for the first time. Knowing the things that you must absolutely experience in a foreign place is only one side of the ... Read More »

The 5 Most Common Myths about Travelling The Philippines

The 5 Most Common Myths about Travelling The Philippines Here we debunk the five usual misconceptions that tourists have about visiting the Philippines.   If the country’s amazing sights haven’t convinced you to book a trip yet because you are woried about what you have heard, read on:   Read More »

Secrets From Old Manila (Part 2) – ChinaTown

Secrets From Old Manila (part 2) ChinaTown   Getting around old Manila is never a problem despite the perennial traffic. Just hail a padyak (also known as kuliglig or pedicab), tell the driver what you want to see or where you want to go and you’ll soon be on your way to the next interesting destination. Hungry after all that ... Read More »

King Of The Road – The Iconic Jeepney

The Iconic Jeepney – King Of The Road You know that you’re in the Philippines when you see Jeepneys careening down the road. In well-paved urban boulevards and potholed country roads, the Jeepney is the most common form of public transportation patronized by Filipinos.   Read More »

The Philippines – Geography 101

The Philippines – Geography 101 This post is all about giving tourists a short but useful lesson in Philippine geography.  Getting lost in a foreign country on your vacation is always a possibility, so you don’t want to be completely clueless about its overall layout. Remember that every place you go to is just one small picture of what the ... Read More »

Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 2)

Chilling Out In Baguio (part 2 of a series)   Arrival In Baguio So now that you’ve arrived safely in the City of Pines, the first thing you should do is to drop off your bags in your lodging place. Take a bath, eat something, rest if you have to. When you feel refreshed enough to get back on the ... Read More »

Travelling The Philippine Islands

Getting Around The 7,107 Tropical Islands Of The Philippines.   The streets in the big cities like Manila, Cebuand Davao are easy enough to locate and follow because they have visible street signs and are actually laid out in a grid. However, you might have a bit more difficulty navigating the roads in provinces because they don’t always have a ... Read More »