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Travelling The Philippine Islands

Getting Around The 7,107 Tropical Islands Of The Philippines.   The streets in the big cities like Manila, Cebuand Davao are easy enough to locate and follow because they have visible street signs and are actually laid out in a grid. However, you might have a bit more difficulty navigating the roads in provinces because they don’t always have a ... Read More »

Getting to the Philippines

Getting to the Philippines – Flights & Airports   Booking your flight to the Philippines should not be too much of a hassle, given that there are already a good number of airlines that offer direct or connected flights to the country. You can go through your favorite travel agency or just book a flight on your own with your ... Read More »

Just Keep Coming Back To Manila

Manila City Skyline

Manila – Capital Of The Philippines. No traveller to the Philippines can ever have a complete trip to the country without landing in the famed capital of Manila. Most international flights land in Manila, but there are also other international airports scattered around the country. Read More »