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How to Turn Your Vacation Dream In To Reality

How to Turn Your Vacation Dream In To Reality

How to Turn Your Vacation Dream In To Reality

Dream VacationYou’ve always wanted to travel the world. You’ve always yearned to hop on a plane or a ship and just let the miles pass by beneath your feet. You’ve always dreamed about foreign peoples, strange sights, and exotic places.

So why haven’t you packed your bags and bought your ticket yet?

Here’s a rundown of the five most common hindrances that are keeping you from making your dream a reality—and what you can do to bid them goodbye for good.






How many times have you scrapped yet another travel plan because you weren’t able to save up enough money to make it happen? Most would-be travellers are daunted by the prospect of blowing their life savings on a terrible trip abroad, so they pull the plug on the plan and just stay home.

The financial side of travelling can be really intimidating, but armed with careful research and a bit of budget trickery, you can still go to your dream destination without breaking the bank. All you have to do is to save way ahead of the trip and enforce a strict thriftiness program regularly.



Travelling abroad or locally will usually mean taking a couple of days off from work. But so what? We all deserve a little R and R every now and then, and this year is just as good as any. Choose an off-peak date at your office to increase your chances of getting your leave approved.

For example, if you work at a decor store, don’t schedule your trip during Christmas time because it’s usually peak season for your business.


Logistical planning:

Experiencing a fun and eventful trip begins with planning (almost) every detail, such as your point of arrival, trip schedule, itinerary, accommodation, means of getting around, food sources, etc.

There are some people who are expert at throwing stuff into their duffel bags and just taking off for whatever place they fancy, but most of us need to do a little planning in order to make a trip work. Be sure that you have most of your trip details down pat before you even leave your home.



Some people like to travel alone, while there are those cannot imagine going anywhere without their significant other or a certain group of friends. If you want to go on a trip, don’t let other people stop you. You can still go to the beach or the mountains even if you’re flying solo.

Sometimes it’s the best way to meet new people, as well as to appreciate the experience from an entirely different perspective.


Choice of destination/activity:

Are you undecided about which destination to pick for your long-awaited holiday? Think about what you want to do or see while you’re away. Are you looking for sunny beaches or stunning caves? Homemade food or five-star cuisines? Relaxing atmospheres or electric environments?

Your answers to these questions will ultimately help you zero in on that one place where you want to spend your time and money in.