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Travelling The Philippines On A Budget

Travelling The Philippines On A Budget

On Vacation, Every Penny Counts

Backpacking & Travelling on a Budget

The Philippines is one of the cheapest places that you can ever travel to.

For only P10,000 (less than US$250), you can go on a 3-day-2-night beach tour to Boracay or Puerto Galera.

You can also see museums, churches, restaurants and shopping malls in Manila. You can explore the beautiful Chocolate Hills of Bohol and cradle the famed tarsier in the palm of your hand.

And for a little extra, you can explore the underground rivers of Palawan, now one of the world’s 7 Natural Wonders.

So what does it take to plan the ultimate budget trip to the Philippines without missing out on the unique sights and unforgettable experiences? Here’s how:




Make a Travel Plan.

Your budget-friendly Philippine holiday will depend on the quality of planning that you put into it. Most things in the country are extremely affordable—a hot and tasty meal in an average restaurant can cost as low as $1.50 per person—so you have all the freedom to pick and choose your itinerary and activities to suit your finances.

Book your airfare and accommodations as early as possible so you can avail of special discounts. The Internet is filled with amazing deals just waiting to be discovered.


Pack Light.

Yes, what you put into your luggage bag matters. When travelling on a budget, it’s usually best to limit the stuff you carry with you because then it would be easier to transfer from place to place without having to drop off your things at a hotel.

If you think you can survive with just a backpack, go ahead and do it. You’d be surprised at how far you can go with just a few changes of clothes and the most necessary toiletries.


Take Public Transportation.

Most people forget that travel expenses don’t stop with just airfare. Foreigners often take a taxicab everywhere they go because of the convenient ride that it provides. However, if you really want to cut down your travel costs, you should think about trying public transportation.

In the Philippines you can experience a variety of different modes of transport: tricycle, jeepney, train, trolley, outrigger boat, pedicab and habal-habal (motorcycle taxi). If you don’t mind sharing seat space with others, you can save as much as half off your fare budget.


Go For Average Accommodation.

Unless you’re a business executive or some other globetrotter used to luxury accommodations anywhere in the world, perhaps you don’t have to book a room in a five-star hotel or resort.

Most places in the Philippines offer running water and stable electricity, except in the really far-flung areas. As long as the place is accessible, the room is clean, and your possessions are secure, the hotel would do for your purposes.



Philippines Travel Budget

Whatever you do and wherever you go, you will find Filipinos haggling over everything under the sun. The more you are exposed to Filipino culture, the more you will realize that there are only a few types of commercial establishments where the prices are really fixed.

Try to ask for a lower price really nicely for your boat transfer or your meal and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much you can shave off the original charge.

Thats how to save money whilst travelling The Philippines. Leave a comment if you have any money saving tips to add.