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Travel The Philippines With The Right Style

Travel The Philippines With The Right Style

Travellers Style

Every trip is a one of a kind adventure. Every destination is a mystery waiting to be revealed. Each time that you hop onto a plane is a chance for you to discover a little bit more about the world. But a trip is no excuse for wearing sloppy, ill-fitting or inappropriate clothes.

Even when you’re abroad and seeing the sights, you should still strive to maintain your fashion sense, comfort, and practicality.

Depending on the purpose, nature, and duration of your trip, you will want to pack the right things to wear. Be it a business trip or a family holiday, it’s always important to look good and feel good.





Here are some tips to help you pick out what to wear on your next trip:


What’s the weather like?

Knowing the season and the corresponding temperature range around the time of your visit to any country will definitely help narrow down your wardrobe choices. You don’t want to be clad in just a lightweight cotton shirt when the weather is below zero, and neither would you wish to be stuffed into a fleece-lined parka in a humid environment.

Go for no-nonsense comfort.

Pick flip-flops over your stilettos and rubber shoes over platform wedges. It’s easier and faster to walk in flat footwear even if you’re more used to tottering in sky-high heels. And while you’re at it, go for sturdy shoes that will let you walk miles and miles without ever giving up. It might be a little difficult to find a replacement of equal quality in your country destination.

 Leave the accessories at home.

Do you really need to bring a dozen necklaces, five different hats, and an assortment of earrings every time you pack your bag? Unless you’re travelling to attend a photo shoot or a fashion show, it is infinitely more prudent to tone down in the accessories department. Note, however, that a watch is a must-have accessory to help you keep track of your adventures.

Don’t forget the essential extras.

Before you zip up your bag, make sure that you’ve already thrown in at least one dress, one jacket or blazer, your most comfortable sleepwear, and a shirt that is wearable on both casual and formal events. Remember that you shouldn’t overstuff your luggage with clothes that won’t be useful at all once you touchdown in your destination. The key is in picking items that you can mix and match for different occasions and purposes. You never know when you’ll suddenly end up on the beach or in a fundraising ball.

Look out for special occasions, circumstances or rules.

Research saves the day once again. If you’re visiting a Muslim country, you might want to check if foreigners and non-believers are obliged to wear the burkha in public. If you’re going abroad to attend a gala event, be sure to include your waistcoat and wingtips in your luggage, plus an extra dress shirt just in case the dry cleaners in your hotel mess up the one you planned to wear.