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Planning Your Adventure – How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

Planning Your Adventure

 How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance PhilippinesWhenever you leave your home country you are leaving behind the safety net of your health insurance or health benefits.

While it is not a comfortable thought that things may go wrong on holiday, insuring against the worst is necessary.

Travel insurance is a must for peace of mind in case you fall ill, have an accident or loose valuable items whilst at your foreign destination.

Its important to always read the policy wording carefully for the full terms and conditions of your policy to make sure it is right for your holiday.

Make a special note of the sections on what’s not covered to make sure you understand the exclusions, conditions and limitations to the insurance cover.





Here are a few things to consider when choosing your travel insurance to make sure that you will be properly covered on your adventure to the Philippines.



It’s no fun if you fall ill before your vacation and can’t actually go on your trip. Its not a disaster though as you may be covered for that. However, to claim you should have bought your travel insurance policy at the same time you booked your holiday. Not all insurance policies cover cancellation, so please read the policy wording relevant to this carefully.


Lost or Stolen Items:

Most travel insurance policies will have a per-item value limit – make sure this limit is high enough to cover your valuable items or choose a policy that will allow you to increase the limit.


Medical Expenses and Evacuation:

Check that your cover includes emergency medical treatment while you are away and the transport to bring you home, its common that insurance providers will insist on getting you back home as soon as you are well enough to travel.


Adventurous Activities:

Look carefully at what your policy covers and what is excluded – you may find that you are not covered for all of the adventurous activities that you are planning while you’re away.


Is it Safe to go There?

Make sure you check your Government’s Travel Warnings before you go and keep up to date with the latest travel safety advice on the road. You may not be covered if you choose to go to a place affected by war, terrorism, civil unrest or environmental disasters (like volcanoes, earthquakes, floods) and other major events where you may be at risk.


Personal Liability:

Accidents happen. If it’s found to be your fault and someone decides to sue you, you want to be covered for that.


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