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Travel without the Hassle

Travel without the Hassle

Travel without the Hassle,

Get a Tour Guide.

A Guest Post By Janet From Skyscanner Philippines

Travel with a Tour GuideNice rhyme, right? But “travel without the hassle” is more than just a catchy phrase. It’s a traveling style that involves booking a tour package and then showing up at the airport on the date of your departure.

And although most backpackers frown at the idea of traveling with a guided and planned tour, it actually is a perks-filled option.

Why travel with a tour guide and keep within a set schedule?


Tour guides know the place like the back of their hands.

My most enjoyable tours are those with a guide who’s also a local in the place. I remember Kuya Richard in Guimaras who cliff-dove into the cold waters of a river and who took us to an unspoiled beach that beats Boracay in a lot of levels. And when I went to Cebu, Ka Bino told us each and every trivia there was about the city, and also introduced us to other friendly locals.

So if you’re in for an authentic experience, one that is much like being accepted as a visitor in a house that’s beautiful and nice, choose a local tour guide. Where? Ask your friends and look online!

Tour guides can haggle for you.

If you look like a “turista”, you will be treated like a “turista”. That only means one thing – more expensive prices. Tour guides have connections with suppliers and vendors, some are even their friends, so if you want to buy some pasalubong on your way home, you can ask them to buy for you.

If you’re travelling internationally, tour guides are your best friends when it comes to haggling, especially if you don’t speak the language.

It’s safer to go around a place with a tour guide.

My trip to Sagada is one of my most memorable ones, because even until today I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how in the world I was able to trek dangerous paths and walk down scary caves. But thanks to our tour guides from the Sagada Genuine Guides Association, I felt safe and even thrilled to be doing all those things. So don’t take the high road by going into a cave on your own.
Get a professional tour guide; they won’t bug you if you don’t want a lot of conversation.

It’s simply more convenient to book a complete tour package.

Flight, accommodations, where to eat, what activities to do and what schedule to work around with – these are the things you won’t have to stress about if you get a tour guide. And your trip can be fun and similar to backpacking if you want; simply tell your tour company that you want something that’s close to a backpacker’s experience.

Because of cheap flights to the Philippines, more travelers around the world are getting attracted to the idea of visiting the country. As a result, local tour companies are increasing in number, each promising to provide the best service – from taking care of the airfare to booking their accommodations.

These tour companies are giving international tourists more reasons to travel to the Philippines, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t support them and take advantage of their packages too.