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Picking Your Perfect Place in the Philippines
Puerto Galera - Philippines

Picking Your Perfect Place in the Philippines

Picking Your Perfect Place in the Philippines

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Sunset, Puerto Galera - PhilippinesThe Philippines are a very popular holiday destination in South East Asia.

The country is an intoxicating mix of buzzing cities, stunning countryside, flora and fauna and a wonderfully friendly and welcoming people.

It will be a different cultural experience to any other south East Asian country as it is a largely Catholic country thanks to 350 years of Spanish rule.

Other remnants of Spanish culture remains particularly in the form of festivals and architecture. American influence means that today the major language used in the Philippines is English.




The Philippines is made up of more than 7000 islands and as a holiday destination this diversity can offer many different things to different people. Most islands will offer the ubiquitous but entirely desirable sparkling turquoise water, sandy beaches and a dramatic mountainous and jungle interior.

Holiday Philippines - Metro ManilaYou can choose an island for its relative isolation, solitude and serenity, or pick one with a busy cosmopolitan city like Manila that never sleeps.

Beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, especially divers flock to Visayas where you can enjoy the variety of beaches and activities.

Aside from an endless list of water sports to enjoy you can also take part in mountain adventures, climb a volcano or visit caves.

The Philippines wet season is between June and September but the weather patterns can be unpredictable and the seasons are reversed in some parts of the region. Typhoon season from June to December can bring tropical storms but their timing is impossible to predict.

Despite weather patterns the Philippines is a great place to visit all year round but can be especially busy around Easter and New Year when you will need to book your accommodation far in advance. You will experience the best weather between January and May but this is naturally high season.

The island structure of the Philippines makes it very easy to get away to a more isolated area if you wish to avoid crowds. Low season is from June to September when the price of accommodation usually decreases.

Just like the variety of the islands, the Philippines offer a wide variety of accommodation to suit all budgets and types of traveller. Luxurious resorts where you can spoil yourself with spa treatments and fine dining are available as are more family friendly hotels where the kids can run free.

At the other end of the scale the Philippines caters well for budget travellers with hostels, cheap hotels or camping options available. Hiring a private villa is also a popular choice as you can enjoy peace and privacy when you want it but venture out into the hustle and bustle when you are ready for an adventure.