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What To Pack For A Beach Holiday

What To Pack For A Beach Holiday

What To Pack For A Beach Holiday

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When one is getting ready for a beach holiday they may begin to feel a lot of excitement. They begin to anticipate what the beach holds for them. Not only are they going to be able to escape their everyday routine of school or work, but they are also going to be able to go to a destination that is warm, sunny and most people idea of paradise!

This thought will make even the most serious person giddy. But despite all the excitement, you’ll want to ensure you’re packing all the thing you’re going to need!

Before heading on holiday a list must be prepared of all the essential items to be taken. It’s important as it stops you getting stressed or worrying you’ve forgotten something – and who wants to be stressed on their holiday to the Philippines?!






So What Should You Include?

Swim Wear

The first thing to include on the list is a swimsuit. If going on a beach holiday there will definitely be a time when you’re going to want to immerse in the crystal clear water you’ve travelled so far to see and experience.

If going on a holiday that is going to be longer than a few days it may be a good idea to even bring more than one swimsuit. This will ensure that even if something happens to the first one there is still a back-up suit available. Plus, who wants all their pictures taken in the same swim suit the whole time?



Another important item to bring on the holiday is towels – and a lot of them. When on the beach lying on a towel is perfect for sunbathing and for avoiding sand sticking the body. Besides this purpose, a towel is also necessary in order to dry off after exiting the water.

These towels will get dirty quickly, and with no laundry service on hand it is a good idea to bring several towels per traveller. If you’re stopping in a luxury hotel or resort, they’ll you’ll provide you with towels though – so no need to worry about them.



In order to prevent a halt in the trip one should remember to pack sunscreen too. People tend to forget just how strong the sun actually is! Even though they may not get sun burnt when outdoors in their backyards, it is a different scenario at a beach.

Not only will they be exposed to the sun for longer increments of time but also the sun’s reflection off the body of water will make it even more powerful. Getting sun-burnt can ruin the holiday – so be vigilant about this one as you don’t want to be stuck in the shade for the rest of the holiday!


A few other essential items to pack


These items are just a few of the recommended essentials to take on a beach holiday. This holiday is supposed to be one that is fun and carefree. Not forgetting to bring what is needed will ensure that it will end up being just that, plus more!