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The 5 Most Common Myths about Travelling The Philippines

The 5 Most Common Myths about Travelling The Philippines

Here we debunk the five usual misconceptions that tourists have about visiting the Philippines.


Travelling The Philippines - Myths and Misconceptions

If the country’s amazing sights haven’t convinced you to book a trip yet because you are woried about what you have heard, read on:





Myth 1:

Filipinos don’t speak good English.

On the contrary, Filipinos are among the most helpful and most honest peoples you can find anywhere in the world. Majority of the population (especially in the urban centers) are conversant in English, despite the fact that there are at least a hundred various dialects spoken across the country.

See our post on helpful Filipino words and phrases to help you communicate better with the locals.


Myth2 :

The Philippines is an unsafe country for foreigners.

The Philippines is as safe as any other country you can visit. Sure you will see reports here and there of kidnappings and robberies. But just like at home these scary stories in newspapers and on TV are the rare exception, not the rule.  The odds of these things happening to you are minimal.


Myth 3:

The crime rate is high, there are many snatchers, robbers and thieves.

Rest assured that the Philippines has a low enough crime rate to ensure that your trip will be as enjoyable and refreshing as possible. There may be bad people out there, but you can still keep yourself safe.

Carry your valuable items and important documents in a secure bag or purse everywhere you go.


Myth 4:

Getting around is a hassle.

Again this is false. There are a number of different modes of transportation you can try: tricyle, jeepney, pedicab, kalesa, boat, train, cab, bus and plane are just some of the ways you can get around the country.

Choose the one that suits your budget and travel time best, but don’t forget to do a little side tour of the hidden beauties of the country.


Myth 5:

It’s expensive to travel to the Philippines.

Cost should not be your top priority when planning a trip to the Philippines because getting there and having the time of your life isn’t half as expensive as you would think. You can order up a sumptuous meal at less than $5 per meal or stay in a respectable and clean hotel in the Philippines for just $50 or less per night.

Now that’s great value for your money.

We know that travelling abroad can be risky business—but who’s to say that you’re safe at home?

The world is yours to explore if only you know how to prepare yourself for the common issues that plague travellers everywhere. Sure, going places carries with it inherent risks, but you shouldn’t let these things get in the way of having a great time.