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It’s More Fun In The Philippines, 50 Things To Do On Your Vacation

It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

50 Things To Do On Your Vacation


Its More Fun In The PhilippinesThe summer months herald the beginning of the peak tourist season in the Philippines.

From all walks of life and all parts of the world, people come over to get a taste of what this small archipelagic country on the edge of the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

In line with the government’s desire to throw its doors open to travellers and adventurers, the Department of Tourism launched a new campaign.

They asked Filipinos and foreigners who have been to the country to contribute their own experiences by telling the world why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

While there are some questions as to the originality of the phrase, this has not prevented the viral spread of the campaign. In less than two days, the slogan was trending worldwide on Twitter. Facebook users also joined by uploading wall photos of Philippine sceneries, events and activities with the slogan splashed across the picture.





So what truly makes the Philippines a unique, amazing and special place to see?

Why do people love to come back for more?


Here’s 50 of the fun and quirky things you can do in the country, but the list is much too short to encompass everything that you can experience here. And while you can experience some of the same thrills elsewhere, it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines.


  1. Pick your own strawberries
  2. Eat decor off the wall
  3. Catch whale sharks at play in Donsol
  4. Dance with the native tribesmen
  5. Count the Hundred Islands
  6. Party all night in Boracay
  7. Take a trip back in time in Vigan
  8. Eat dinuguan
  9. Learn the Filipino language
  10. Visit the churches in Old Manila
  11. Ride a tricycle and a jeepney
  12. Surf in Siargao
  13. Bathe in a volcanic lake
  14. Shop in Divisoria
  15. Eat along the esteros
  16. Participate in the fiestas
  17. Eat different dishes made with rice
  18. Trek to the top of Mt. Apo
  19. Zoom through the longest zip line in Asia
  20. See Philippine native costumes
  21. Check out the museums
  22. Experience solitude in Palawan
  23. Munch on lechon wrapped in banana leaves
  24. Get up close and personal with the Kabayan mummies
  25. Ride a boat into an underground river
  26. See the sunset at Manila Bay
  27. Watch the sunrise on top of Mt. Pulag
  28. Relax in the hot springs of Laguna
  29. See the vintas in Mindanao
  30. Wear a bakul (native raincoat) in Batanes
  31. Wakeboard in Camarines Sur
  32. Trek to Mt. Pinatubo
  33. Learn pottery in Ilocos
  34. Eat balut
  35. Try sampaguita ice cream
  36. Smell the durian fruit up close
  37. Sit on the edge of the tallest building in Cebu
  38. Watch a cultural performance on the streets
  39. Buy native handicrafts
  40. Watch T’boli women weave
  41. Compare the tarsier to the size of your palm
  42. Ride a vinta
  43. Haggle over everything
  44. Check out the rice terraces
  45. Shop tax-free in Subic
  46. Snack on ube and strawberry jam
  47. Visit the Malacanang of the north
  48. Ride a banana boat in Puerto Galera
  49. See the perfect cone of Mayon Volcano
  50. Befriend the smiling locals


Have you thought of something that isn’t on this list? Leave a comment below this post to show why you think its more fun in the Philippines.