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Summer In The Philippines – Cooler Destinations In The Tropics

Summer In The Philippines – Cooler Destinations In The Tropics

Summer In The Philippines

In the western hemisphere, the autumn winds are rising and the thermometer shows the progressive drop in the daily temperature. In the east, however, a different kind of wind is blowing through the tropics, especially around the Pacific Ocean.

Monsoon season is when temperatures in the Philippines can drop to less than 10 degrees Celsius in the coldest places, and the rest of the country is bundled up against the 25 degrees Celsius weather outside.

If you come from a cold country, you might think that weather like this is balmy enough for a night stroll. For most Filipinos, however, cool weather is a novelty, something to look forward to in the latter half of the year. While the winds may also bring soothing temperatures, they also bring about the strong typhoons and thunderstorms that can last for days on end.

Should you ever find yourself in the Philippines during the summer and you wish to escape to milder climes, or if you just want to experience cool weather in a tropical country, head over to any of these destinations.




The country’s summer capital and a favorite destination for those heading up North Luzon. Baguio City is undisputedly the most popular place to go to when you’re ready to swap the beach for the mountains.

At 5,200 feet above sea level, you will surely feel the chill that comes at night, especially from December to February. Baguio is a popular gateway to the rest of the northern destinations like Sagada and Benguet.


Only two hours from Manila, Tagaytay is another favorite for those who are seeking a bit of cool weather, but are unwilling to travel too far for it. Tagaytay also features the Philippines’ tallest Ferris wheel, balanced perfectly on top of a ridge overlooking the Taal Lake and the famous Taal Volcano.

At 207 feet, you can enjoy a sprawling vista of this cold weather destination for a few minutes.


Bukidnon in Mindanao is a province on a plateau, so the weather generally stays cooler than in the low-lying areas. The coolest of the cool towns in Lantapan, a breakaway barangay near the provincial capital.

This is a farming town, sheltered from the typhoons and sitting atop rich, fertile soil, so you can see calming rural vistas untouched by modern development.


Travelling to extreme northern Luzon, you will find a typhoon-battered landscape that is truly a sight to behold. Itbayat is the only low-lying town in the list, but it is certainly no warmer than the others. Because it is situated far enough away from the equator, this little town goes through four seasons instead of two, unlike the rest of the country.

At its coldest, Itbayat becomes a true winter town in the tropics with 7 degrees Celsius weather, plus wind chill factor.


Another volcano town, Canlaon is a must-see destination for the cool thrills that it offers. It is situated in the middle of Negros Island in the Visayas region. The cool weather is a stark counterpoint to the hot springs that are fed by Mount Kanlaon’s underground vents.

Makawiliwili Bridge, also known as the Saddle in the Sky, is the coldest location in the city at 8,000 feet above sea level.