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Travelling The Philippines On A Budget

Backpacking The Philippines & Travelling On A Budget

Have budget, will travel

Are you a little short on cash? Don’t worry, you can still pack up your bags and go ahead with your Philippine holiday.


Girl travelling asiaThe Philippines is not an expensive tourist destination, and unless you’re looking for an all-exclusive, five-star experience from the moment you land in the country, you can stretch your travel budget as far as you want.

The food, the fares, the hotels and the souvenir items are all within the average traveler’s budget limitations, so you can forget having to save a huge amount of money to go on a Philippine holiday.

But you do need to have a set budget for your trip (or any other trip for that matter) you don’t want to go on an extravagant trip only to have problems paying your credit card bills when you get back.


Here are a few tips to make your Philippine holiday fun yet affordable


1. Travel in a group

If you have a smallish budget, you may want to consider inviting your friends and family to join you on the trip. A bigger group means more people chipping in for the bill, plus you get to enjoy the company of people you love during this memorable experience. And if you’re traveling with just one or two people, you can be booked on a package tour with other people and meet lots of new friends along the way.


2. Buy your airline ticket as far in advance as possible

You can save money by buying tickets for the peak season during the off-peak season. Even if you’re taking a non-Philippine air carrier to bring you to the country, you can still save money by booking your domestic flights as early as practicable. This way, you won’t be stuck in an air- or seaport somewhere waiting as a chance passenger.


3. Look for bargain deals and discounts online

It’s always a good thing to scour the Internet for any bargains, especially when it comes to traveling. A lot of websites offer a wealth of information on how you can save on airfare and accommodation, such as www.lowfares.com, www.budgetairlineguide.com or www.seatguru.com.

Other websites offer data about discounted hotels and resorts, such as LateRooms.com.

You can also visit the company website of the following domestic carriers to check for low-fare deals to the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines:

a. Cebu Pacific
b. Philippine Air Lines
c. Air Philippines
d. Asian Spirit
e. Zest Airways


4. Plan ahead about getting to and around the places you want to visit

Where does your plane land and how far is it from your hotel? What is the best way to get around the city? Do you need to transfer to a different carrier to go to your intended destination? All these questions and more should be answered long before you leave your home.

Most budget airlines land in obscure airports because of the lower fees, so you may have to shell out a little more to get back to civilization and kick-start your tour.


5. Pack all your necessaries in your bag

It will save you time and money if you can pack everything you need in a handy bag, even where you’re off shopping in the local stores or wandering by the beach.

Bring your medicines, money, tissue, sun block, mobile phone and anything else you think you might need during your trip. This way you won’t have to add the expenses to the costs of the trip, plus you won’t waste time looking for a drug store that carries the specific medication you need.