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7 Things to Remember When On Vacation With Your Kids

7 Things to Remember When On Vacation With Your Kids

7 Things to Remember When Taking Your Kids On Vacation.

Spending a holiday with your kids can be a precious, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will have a unique bonding experience plus tons of pictures and video to ooh and aah over for years to come.

Though they may be too young to fully appreciate the trip, you will still have an excellent time just going to strange places and seeing and doing strange things together.

However, having your kids around during a trip can be a little tiring as well. You have to pack kiddie goods to please them with if ever throw a tantrum, and you also have to constantly be saying “No, don’t touch that” or “Stay with me” throughout the day.




So how do you make a holiday abroad memorable and stress-free? Here are a few ideas you might like to try:


1. Tell your kids about the place well before you leave.

Build your kid’s excitement for the trip and let him in on your travel plans. There may be places that he would love to see or things that he wants to do. Listen to his suggestions and try to squeeze them in your itinerary.

2. Pack extra food, candy, and water.

Kids are voracious eaters. If you don’t want to spend extra for food, make sure that you have a couple of cookies or candy in your bag wherever you go. Water is also a must-have because kids will occasionally ask you for something to drink, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines.

3. Always carry both wet and dry tissue.

You never know when “accidents” will happen, so make sure that you have wet wipes and dry paper towels in your bag all the time. These will also come in handy if you need to wash your kid’s hands and/or face and there’s no soap and water nearby.

4. Pay attention to what they will wear on the trip.

Kids can whine and cry at the slightest discomfort, so make sure they wear activity- and weather-appropriate clothing. Give them comfy, sturdy footwear to withstand the long walks you’re likely to take. Bring an extra change of clothes just in case the first one becomes too sweaty or dirty later on.

5. Bring a first-aid kit.

Having your own ready arsenal of common medication, alcohol, Band-aids, and other basic first-aid stuff will help you avert disaster if your kid ever gets a cut or an abrasion during your trip. Don’t forget to bring any maintenance meds he needs to take.

6. Put your contact details on a card and place it in their bag.

Should you and your kid ever get separated, you have to let him or other people know how to contact you immediately. Write or print your name and contact details on a card and put it in a waterproof sleeve that can be attached to your kid’s bag. This way, you can be reunited with each other in the shortest possible time.

7. Stay attentive.

Nothing beats paying close attention to your child, wherever you may be in the world. No matter how young or old he may be, being in a foreign country can both scare and thrill him. You can give reminders or instructions every time you leave the hotel for a tour, but you should always keep your eyes peeled for any danger that might befall your child. This is especially important if you’re travelling to a country that does not speak your native language.

What are your tips for travelling with the kids? or would you avoid it at all costs?