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5 Things NOT To Do, On Your Holiday To The Philippines.

5  Things NOT To Do,

On Your Holiday To The Philippines.


Things not to do in the PhilippinesYou must have read tons of online articles and magazines giving advice on what you should do or see or visit when going to a country for the first time.

Knowing the things that you must absolutely experience in a foreign place is only one side of the coin. But to have a really good grasp of what awaits you in your destination, you should also be aware of the things that you must not do.

Here are a couple of things that you have to avoid at all costs whilst on vacation in the Philippines. Think of this as the other side of your to-do list when you visit the country:






Forget to haggle for lower prices.

Whether buying food, shopping for native knickknacks or hiring a boat to take you island-hopping, you should always try to lower the price you have to pay. Most stores aside from malls and high-end shops allow haggling, and you will develop a kind of sixth sense for it the more you shop around the country.


Leave your taxicab door unlocked.

Sad but true, there are places in the metro where teenage robbers prey upon taxi riders and drivers who are careless about their security. They appear out of nowhere in twos or threes, open two doors simultaneously and can take off with your things in a couple of seconds.


Pass up the chance to eat native dishes and delicacies.

You have never truly experienced what a country has to offer until you’ve partaken of the native fare. Filipinos whip up a variety of daring and delicious dishes that you can enjoy. Regional specialties provide a different twist to old favorites like adobo and suman.


Forget to Buy pasalubong for friends and family back home.

The pasalubong (treats or souveneirs) you bring for your loved ones say volumes about how much you’ve enjoyed your trip abroad. The Philippines is a great place to buy one of a kind gifts for your family. Who knows, they might get so intrigued about the Philippines that they’ll come with you on your next trip back.


Leave your umbrella in the hotel.

The Philippines is a tropical country, so you can expect bright, sunny days most of the time from February to July. The rest of the year is dominated by monsoon rains. That said, it would do you well to tuck a small umbrella in your bag for when there’s too much sun or rain outside and there isn’t a roof in sight.

Leave a comment below if you know of something else that should be on this list.