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5 Places You Must Visit When In The Philippines

5 Places You Must Visit When In The Philippines

5 Places You Must Visit When In The Philippines


5 Places You Must Visit When In The PhilippinesNo matter what city or barrio in the Philippines you may be heading off to, there are certain quirky places that you just should not miss.

There are certain secret spots in every Filipino town you can explore only if you know where they are and how to get there.

To have a really meaningful, fun, and unique Filipino holiday, look for these places and see your feet will take you:





 1. The Local Sari-Sari Store:

The neighbourhood variety store is a treasure trove of information about where to go and what to do next. If you’re the sort of traveller who doesn’t like to have a set itinerary, this is the best place for you to ask directions and suggestions from the locals. You can also pick up tips on where to eat, what to pack, who to approach for bargain transport deals, and other juicy bits of information.


2. The Local Church:

Possibly every town in the Philippines has a church or two in its midst. It can be a small, thatch-and-bamboo affair or a stone church built during the Spanish era. Churches have history and stories wrapped around their facade, so you better check them out for a memorable photo op or for more suggestions about what other places you should visit. The church is usually near the town plaza, so you should be able to see and enjoy even more sights in the area.


3. The Local Mall/Department Store/Market:

Looking for bargain buys and unique items to give your friends back home? The local malls are the perfect places to shop for quality, low-priced giveaways and mementos. There are also small, independent handicraft shops you can find in some towns if you want something a little less commercialized. See if you can lower the price by haggling firmly but nicely with the vendor. This is effective especially if you’re purchasing stuff in bulk.


4. The Local Karaoke Bar:

There is a concert of sorts every night at every karaoke joint in a Philippine town. Pinoys love to sing their hearts out, and they will gladly share a bottle of beer with you over any English or Filipino song. Don’t be shy to take the microphone when it is given to you—they will always ask you to sing and will gamely cheer for you even if you don’t quite hit the right notes.


5. The Local Filipino Restaurant:

No trip to the Philippines is ever complete if you have not tried the native delicacies that are on offer. Some eateries are just small shacks along the highway or the beach front, but each one can serve up a specialty dish that will make your taste buds want more. If you’re staying in a beach town, try buying the fishermen’s catch early in the morning and have them cooked immediately for a fresh and flavourful meal.