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Living Luxury in Palawan – An Amanpulo Affair

Living Luxury in Palawan – An Amanpulo Affair

The Amanpulo Resort, Palawan

Currently the most exclusive and the most expensive beach resort in the Philippines, Amanpulo promises you a splendid getaway like no other. This piece of paradise is located on a group of islands in the northern tip of Palawan, a province that is renowned throughout the world for its stunning beachscapes and amazing wildlife.

As soon as you step onto Pamilacan Island, the site of Amanpulo resort, you know that you have arrived in paradise. Amanpulo is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit word for peace and the Tagalog word for island. Pamilacan’s unique shape and size give the resort a serene and relaxing atmosphere that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Truly, this is the kind of heavenly sanctuary that almost everyone will pay big bucks for.

At Amanpulo, booking in advance and having enough funds on hand will certainly mean a lot if you wish to enjoy your stay to the fullest. An overnight stay at the resort can cost you as much as P36,000 or US$900 during off-peak season, nearly ten times as much as what you would spend at a lesser facility.

For that much money you can already avail of an extended stay in one of the best resorts in Boracay, Puerto Galera or Batangas. Moreover, many local and foreign business, showbiz, and political bigwigs love to vacation at Amanpulo. You will have to book your room early on if you want to get yourself a slot.

But is the cash-out worth it? Indeed, it is.

A Luxury Resort

Amanpulo prides itself in offering only the most luxurious, most relaxing, and most breathtaking island stay you could ever have. There are tons of things you can do on this tiny island and its waters—shop to your heart’s content in the upscale boutiques and galleries, schedule a spa treat for you and your travel-weary companions, indulge in aqua sports, dive in the depths of the Sulu Sea to admire the astonishing coral reefs dotted around the island or swim, swim, and swim all day in the sparkling turquoise waters.

You can walk or bike around the island if you wish to see more of its awe-inspiring sights. Walking along 5.5 kilometer stretch of white-sand shore will take you about an hour and a half—the perfect way to get that much-needed exercise while enjoying every minute of the experience. There are also spots for bird watching, turtle hatching, and star gazing, if the mood for any of these events strikes you.

Should you ever feel tired of Amanpulo’s onsite activities, you can opt for a dive session in Thailand, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Indonesia for an additional fee. We seriously don’t know how you can get bored with all the amazing things you can do on Amanpulo itself, but should you ever find yourself with some extra time and money, exploring other nearby dive sites is a brilliant alternative.

Go ahead, book that Amanpulo adventure now. Summer won’t last forever, and this is the best time to enjoy the island’s many charms.