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The Philippines For The Cultured Traveller – Museums & Art

The Philippines For The Cultured Traveller – Museums & Art

Dig A Little Deeper

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can learn more about the country you want to visit than the standard-issue tourist stuff you can find in books, websites and magazines?

Not a lot of people spend time trying to familiarize themselves with their holiday destination, thinking that they’ll only stay a couple of days or weeks anyway.

They don’t ever think about what makes the people of that country special, nor do they want try to find out what historical events shaped the society and customs that people.

Guidebooks and travel websites don’t really discuss cover all the basic details of a country’s story, and sometimes they even give out inaccurate or downright incredible information. Some third world countries like the Philippines don’t get as much media attention as, say, Hawaii or Japan, even if both places are only a couple of hundred miles away.

But, there’s an infinite amount of things you can learn about a country and its people even on a tight schedule and limited budget. To get a firsthand peek into what has made the Philippines what it is today, try including a museum or two in your Manila itinerary.




The Philippines – Not A Country Of Museum Fans?

Sadly, most Filipinos are not very fond of visiting museums for leisure, and perhaps this reflects on the attitude of

Philippine Artifacts - Anthropomorphic Burial Jars

Anthropomorphic Burial Jars

foreigners who come to the country for a spin. Art galleries are even lower on the Filipino’s priority list of sights to see.

Perhaps the reason why most Filipinos don’t love going on cultural tours is because we’re generally too busy earning a living for our families to find immerse ourselves in art, literature, science and history.

To some a museum invokes mental images of dark, musty hallways, poorly-kept artifacts and dusty shelves lined with all sorts of old things, and art galleries are just places where you stare at frame after frame of blobs you can’t make any sense of….


Have Fun & Discover


Philippine Artifacts - Filipino Hiyas

Filipino Hiyas

Museums and art galleries are great places to find out more about a country, its people and its history. It’s the one place on earth where time stands still and you can see the story of life unfold before your very eyes.

They’re usually very cool, very clean and not jam-packed with people taking pictures and eating snacks on the go—virtually the perfect place to go to if you’re tired of rushing from shopping mall to restaurant to club.

And if you’re still not convinced about the relative beauty of visiting a museum, just think that you don’t have to spend much to view a museum’s entire priceless collection.

Some museums don’t even charge an entrance fee.

In Manila alone you can find a number of amazing and well-organized museums and art galleries—both government- and privately-owned—to spend a quiet day in.

If you’re the type of traveller who doesn’t want to stay on the touristy path, running from one popular tourist destination to another, try to locate the museum nearest your hotel.


Check out these museums on your next visit to Manila and find out more about the Filipinos and their story:


  1. National Museum of the Philippines
  2. Yuchengco Museum
  3. Ayala Museum
  4. Vargas Museum
  5. Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Central Bank of the Philippines
  6. Ateneo Art Gallery
  7. San Beda Museum
  8. Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
  9. University of Santo Tomas Museum of Arts and Sciences
  10. De La Salle Art Gallery