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Just Keep Coming Back To Manila

Just Keep Coming Back To Manila

Manila – Capital Of The Philippines.

No traveller to the Philippines can ever have a complete trip to the country without landing in the famed capital of Manila. Most international flights land in Manila, but there are also other international airports scattered around the country.


Made up of 17 cities of different shapes and sizes, Metro Manila offers most foreign visitors their first glimpse of the Filipino life. This urban hub in the heart of the country is a vibrant, colourful and noisome place to be.

If you want cosmopolitan living, convenient travel and premium entertainment, Manila is your port of call. It is also the center of government, commerce, trade, education and the arts.

Here you will find a pleasant melding of the past and the present, and a blissful combination of the Eastern and Western cultures.


Places To See In Manila

The seat of the Spanish colonial government more than 300 years ago, Manila has always been a place of sophistication and allure for first time visitors and locals alike. The city has embraced the changes of the times without losing her refined charm or her strong cultural and historical grounding.

Within the city limits you can find zoos and museums, parks and shopping complexes, five-star hotels and high-rise condominiums, art galleries and restaurants, cinemas and skyscrapers, every corner of the city has its own story to tell.

Holiday Philippines - Manila Bay

Manila Bay, Philippines

In the famous walled city of Intramuros you will see the faded grandeur of the Spanish colonization.

Not an hour away by bus or car you will pass by the church that bore witness to the EDSA People Power I, the bloodless civilian uprising that allowed Filipinos to overturn a 25-year old dictatorship.

Even the eating places and monuments give rich insights into Philippine culture and history.

That’s not to say that Manila is one old boring place. The city boasts of the best entertainment spots in town, where you can feel the music move your body in effortless dancing. You will also find top-rated hotels offering world-class amenities at reasonable rates, relaxing spa and massage resorts where you can simply rest easy, and impressive shopping malls filled with competitively-priced local and foreign merchandise.

The budget conscious traveller will like Manila and all that it can offer. It’s the sort of town where your budget can stretch itself to accommodate all your needs and wants, provided you know where to put your money wisely.

Travel and accommodations in the Philippines are relatively affordable, so you can take your pick of places to stay and to visit.

To top it all off, the Philippines is best known for its charming, hospitable and friendly people, and Manila is certainly no exception. This is the place where you can find the most number of English-speaking locals who can guide you in your trip and point you towards the right direction, literally and figuratively.

From Manila, you can take a ship, bus or airplane to just about any other location in the Philippines. This is where the real adventure starts…