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9 Facts You May Not Know About Manila, Philippines.

9 Facts You May Not Know About Manila, Philippines.

9 Facts You May Not Know About Manila, Philippines.

A Guest Post By Dharm From Cheapoair.com.

Manila is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Philippines and in the world and has a colorful multi-cultural heritage and history. Manila is home to many notable attractions like San Agustin Church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Rizal Park, Manila Metropolitan Theater and the National Museum of the Philippines.

Manila has excellent nightlife and is proud of the quality of funky bars and nightclubs it has to offer in the vicinity of the capital. Here are 9 interesting facts about Manila  for you to add to your general knowledge




1.  Manila was originally named Ginto, which means the Land of the Gold.

2. Manila zoo is the biggest zoo and botanical garden in the Philippines. The Manila Zoo and Botanical Garden receives millions of visitors every year and is home to more than 800 animals from nearly 100 species.

3. Manila is distributed into 16 territorial districts and all of them are distinguished by history, culture and cuisine and all are original towns except one, the Port area district.

4. The early rulers of Manila were called “panginuan” or “panginoon” or lords in English and Manila is the birthplace of Andres Bonifacio, Joseph Estrada, Manuel Villar, Dolphy and Gatpuno Antonio Villegas.

5. Manila is home to one of the largest Chinatown’s in the world and here you can find exotic Chinese good and delicious Chinese cuisine.

6. City fiesta of Manila is celebrated every 24th of June as Manila was cited as the capital of the Philippines by Miguel Lopez De Legazpi on June 24, 1571.

7. Two of the oldest universities in Manila which are still operating are Colegio San Juan De Letran and University of Santo Tomas.

8. Malate, one of the districts in Manila got its name from the word Maalat which means “Salty” in English.

9. The name of the city Manila was derived from “nilad” which was a kind of plant which used to grow abundantly in that area and hence was named “may nilad”. As time passed it became Maynila or Manila.


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