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Food Production In The Philippines – Mushrooms

Video: Oyster Mushroom Farming in Silang Cavite, Philippines.

Mushroom Farming in the Philippines

Mushroom cultivation is a rapidly growing industry in the Philippines and there are many mushroom farms springing up across the country. Farms range in size from small homesteads to large facilities and some of the varieties cultivated across the Philippines include: Oyster Mushrooms, Woodear, Shitake, Button and Milky Mushroom.

So why are mushrooms gaining popularity with Filipino farmers? Quite simply because it’s an income-generating activity that can be done both in rural and urban areas, grown on commercial or small scale using simple equipment and low-cost materials such as agricultural wastes.

One notable mushroom company is the ‘Ministry Of Mushrooms’, based in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. They are a provider of gourmet mushrooms, mushroom products and mushroom related services.The mushroom farm, production centre and Research & Development facility is located in close proximity to the capital, Metro Manila, and they provide the local markets with the freshest high quality mushrooms.

If you are the type of adventurer who enjoys visiting interesting local producers when on vacation, send an email to a mushroom farm near your destination you may be able to book a guided tour and sample the produce at source.