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Bohol, Philippines – Chocolate Hills, River Cruising and Gremlin Spotting..

Bohol, Philippines – Chocolate Hills, River Cruising and Gremlin Spotting..

Bohol, Philippines

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol offer an entirely new take on the standard-issue hills and hillocks that you can find elsewhere in the world. The province’s signature tourist destination gives you an expansive view of row upon row of curiously-shaped hills spreading into the distance.

From the airport in Tagbilaran, you have to travel to Carmen to catch a glimpse of the hills.

The namesake is no gimmick either—if you come during the summer when the earth is a little parched and the plants are not in full bloom, the hills really do look like globs of chocolate carelessly dropped across the fertile land.




The Most Famous Tourist Spot In All Of Bohol

There is a platform from which you can view the vista of the Chocolate Hills. It’s certainly one of the Bohol, Philippines - Chocolate Hills Viewmost unique and most curious geographical places you can find anywhere.

You can’t go down and explore the hills on your own, though. Just take in the view from a distance and take as many photos as you want.

The Chocolate Hills may be the most famous tourist spot in all of Bohol, but other places are quickly becoming great attractions in their own right.



Loboc River

Bohol, Philippines - Loboc River CruiseFor example, the Loboc River. You can board one of the open-air floating restaurants to take you down the river while you eat a hearty lunch of native dishes, revel in the lush scenery and listen to live music played out by talented musicians.

No jostling for space to take photos, no long lines for the food, no pollution to wrinkle your nose at. This is certainly one of the most relaxing afternoons you can ever have during your stay in the Philippines.



Sand and Sea

Bohol, Philippines BeachThe beach in Bohol may not be quite as pristine or as attractive as others like Boracay or Palawan, but if all you want is a slow afternoon in the sun, this is a good alternative location.

Panglao Island is a recommended getaway for people who want to get seaside. There aren’t that many people too, so you can find yourself quite alone on the beach as the sun sinks in the horizon.

You can also opt to take a ferryboat to Boracay if you want hardcore beach fun; the island is less than two hours away by sea and you’ll be there with just enough time to freshen up for the night-long parties.


Bohol Wild Life

The Tarsier

Bohol, Philippines - Tarsier 1 (wikipedia)

Bohol is also home to the world-famous Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta): a tiny creature with huge flashlight eyes and long, thin limbs covered with very short hair. It resembles an emaciated koala bear or a very big-eyed lemur, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

The tarsier is actually one of world’s smallest primates. It’s not a monkey per se, although you can often hear people refer to it as the smallest monkey on earth. It’s certainly small enough to fit inside an adult’s hand.

The tarsier is classified as an endangered species because of the rapid destruction of its natural forest habitat.

And no, you can’t take one home for a pet. You can experience holding it in your hand though, and pose with it however way you like, a truely one of a kind holiday experience.