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Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 2)

Chilling Out In Baguio

(part 2 of a series)


Arrival In Baguio

Welcome To Baguio CitySo now that you’ve arrived safely in the City of Pines, the first thing you should do is to drop off your bags in your lodging place. Take a bath, eat something, rest if you have to.

When you feel refreshed enough to get back on the road, put on your sensible travel shoes and go on a tour of the city.

Just a quick reminder:  Remember that you are in cooler climes now, so taking a jacket or shawl with you is advisable.


Getting Around

Right off the bat, you will notice that public transport in Baguio is limited to taxis. And these vehicles are no ordinary taxicabs either, they are Toyota Tamaraw FX SUVs that have been converted to public transportation so as many as 10 people can fit inside if you don’t mind squeezing in a bit.

The fare wouldn’t cost you a fortune even if you have to take a cab everywhere you go. The flag down rate is at P30 (or a little less than $1).

The city is rather small so you won’t have to sit in the cab for very long and the best part is that you don’t have to ask the driver to turn on the air-conditioning because the city atmosphere is cool enough to be comfortable.


Tourist Attractions In Baguio

garden baguioThe tourist attractions are clustered near each other so you won’t have to spend the day sitting in the cab going to and from places.

Work your way from the center of the city or start from the farthest areas—it’s up to you to customize your tour.

There are a lot of open parks and gardens for you to visit such as Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Wright Park and The Mansion.

The city is small enough for you to conquer in two or three days, but if you have the time to spare you can also visit the neighboring towns and villages farther up the mountains.


Amazing Scenery

One of the most breathtaking vantage points in the city is found at Mines View Park. Bagiuo started out as an American mining town, and this particular place is one of the most poignant reminders of the city’s rich history.

Baguio Mountain SceneryThe park sits on a ridge overlooking the copper and gold mines of Benguet and the majestic mountains of the Cordilleras.

Walking up to the viewing deck, you will see nothing but green forests and mighty peaks sloping away into the distance, all canopied by a bright blue sky.

But apart from the amazing view, you can also have an amazing photo opportunity to dress up in authentic costumes of the Cordillera tribes for less than $2. This is found at the entrance to the park and is a popular spot for foreigners and Filipinos alike.

Try on the shield, bahag (for males) or tapis (for females), spear and feathered headdress and take a picture of yourself dressed as a native. There are also horses and large dogs for you to strike pose with if you are feeling wacky.


Shopping Trip

Baguio, Philippines, fruit and veg market stallFinally, don’t forget to browse the shops for native delicacies as well as souvenirs, clothes and artifacts to take home with you.

There are myriad stores to choose from both inside and outside the park proper. You can try haggling for lower prices, especially if you plan to buy in bulk anyway.

The Good Shepherd Convent is also a good place to stop by going to and from Mines View Park. Best known for its delicious homemade products, the convent is where most tourists buy their pasalubong or souvenir foods.

You won’t regret purchasing the fresh and delicious marmalades made from purple yam, strawberries, mangoes, oranges and other fruits. There are also brownies, lengua de gato, peanut brittle, pickle relish and other goodies to fill your stomach at the end of the tour.

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