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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

A Guest Post By No1 Traveller

There are definitely many good reasons why there is a lot to do on a vacation in the Philippines. That’s true because there are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines depending on the tides and each has their own special charm.

Here are ten great reasons to visit the Philippines:

1. The Landscape

Whether you are looking to spend time on the beach, hike a mountain trail, or visit a high class resort, the Philippines has it all. Caves, waterfalls, name the terrain and it’s all yours to enjoy with the only limitation being your own sense of adventure.


2. A Consumer Paradise

If shopping is your thing then the Philippines has with malls galore featuring every kind of consumer product. Shop for the latest fashions on Boni High Street or go bargain hunting in Divisoria, whether you are looking for the best buy or the highest class luxuries it is all at your fingertips.


3. Bringing it Home

Because of the relatively lower costs of many products the Philippines are a great place to go shopping for the folks back home. They won’t know what you really paid for it, and will be very impressed by your gifts.


4. A Diner’s Delight

There is an incredible range of food and restaurants in the Philippines. Whether it is McDonald’s or the most high class international cuisine there are no limitations to what you find to eat, from the mundane to the exotic.


5. No Language Barrier

If you only speak English there is no need to fear not being able to communicate. Since English is taught alongside the native languages nearly everyone in the Philippines speaks English!


6. Reliably Good Weather

With less than two dozen tropical storms per year there is never a shortage of sunny days in the Philippines. If you want to come back with a nice tan, you will find the weather almost always cooperates.


7. Internet Friendly

If texting and going online is a priority for you then don’t worry, all the latest high tech phones, computers and other electronic gadgets are available. The prices are also lower than average in case you want to buy the technology while here.


8. First Class Entertainment

The Philippines are hardly a cultural backwater, with all the latest movies and concerts by internationally famous performers regularly available. Once again ticket prices are usually below what you would expect to pay.


9. First Class Health Care

No one wants to think of needing medical care while on vacation, but it is comfort to know that if you need it is there and as modern as can be. Medical care is also much more reasonable in price than it is in many parts of the world.


10. The People

The one of the great charms of the Philippines are the people of the islands themselves, widely considered to be among the most hospitable on earth. So don’t delay any longer, start planning your vacation in the Philippines today!