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Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights (Part 2)

Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights

(Part 2)


No side trip to Tagaytay is complete without dropping by one of the many churches that are found within the city. Tagaytay is one of those places where you can find a church fifteen minutes apart from each other (or sometimes less).

The churches are relatively modern and are usually built a little way away from the road to give parishioners and visitors a serene environment for worship.

The Good Shepherd Convent in Tagaytay is no rival for the one in Baguio, but it still offers delicious and affordable treats that you can take home or take with you as you explore more of this city.

You can also visit the Pink Sisters Convent and Church, which boasts of a big grotto where devotees file by and pray after services.




The Little Church On The Mountain


Holiday Philippines - The Church On The Mountain, TalibayogBut for a totally different church experience, you have to drive all the way to the Batangas-Cavite border, to the southern end of Tagaytay.

Perched on top of a small bluff is a quaint church cum retreat sanctuary called the Caleruega.

Unlike other churches that are found along the road, Caleruega is a little more challenging to get to. From the main highway, you take a right turn towards a rotunda similar to the one you can find at the the other end of the city, then take another right through slightly potholed country roads at the end of which is the Caleruega grounds gate.

You will pass by another small church along the way, the Don Bosco Chapel, living up to the promise that Tagaytay is a city of churches.

There’s a fifty-peso (a little more than $1) entrance fee for visitors, but this is a small sum to pay for what you can find inside. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes because you have to climb a stone stairway to get to the church itself. The walk isn’t boring though—you will pass through a carefully-tended flower garden as you get closer and closer to your destination. There are also small cottages and retreat houses dotting the area.


Serenity At The Top


At the top, the chapel looks very homey against the sky and the garden. It is both what you would and wouldn’t expect after walking all the way up—sweet and quaint, quiet and private.

Holiday Philippines - The Church On The Mountain, Interior Talibayog It’s not the kind of church where you would want to invite 500 guests for a wedding, but for a friends-and-family only ceremony it would be just perfect.

The stone walls and stained glass windows give the interior a truly peaceful atmosphere.

Once done with your prayers, you can walk back down to the parking area to explore the other parts of the church grounds. There’s a short wooden hanging bridge, koi pond, flower garden and Way of the Cross made out of life-sized wooden carvings.

Plus, you can also find expansive views of the mountain ridge and farms around the area.

Caleruega is famous as a retreat house and tourist attraction for people who just want to be by themselves. Take this time to savor nature and your beautiful experiences of the Philippines.