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Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights (Part 1)

Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights

(Part 1)


Travelling to the city of Tagaytay in Batangas/Cavite can be a welcome respite from Manila’s traffic and warm climes. This small but popular southern locale is less than two hours away from Manila by car or bus.

If you’re looking for a short yet still worthwhile mini-holiday, Tagaytay is one of the most ideal places you can escape to. With its excellent array of restaurants, hotels, parks and roadside stalls, you’re sure to find an activity or a place to spend time in. There is even a casino in the city where you can play your favourite card games and watch live performances in one night.


The Road To Tagaytay

Driving to Tagaytay means long stretches of suburban roads that wind through the foothills of Batangas. Take the Southern Luzon Expressway Calamba route so that you won’t get caught up in the traffic through downtown Cavite.

Holiday Philippines - Talibayog 067This will shorten your trip by as much as 45 minutes, but still allow you to view the most scenic tourist spots along Tagaytay City.

The main road in Tagaytay ends in a colourful rotunda that branches off into four different directions.

Two roads will lead you back to Cavite and Manila, one will bring you to the shores of Taal Lake, while the last one will take you farther into Tagaytay and the first few towns of Batangas province.

Once you reach the city proper, you will immediately feel the marked difference in temperature. Tagaytay is nestled along the ridges of mountains, which makes for a cooler, windier atmosphere all year long.

Next to Bagiuo City, Tagaytay is favourite location for locals and tourists alike who are fed up with Manila’s sticky-hot weather, especially during summer.

Eating On The Journey

Tagaytay offers a little of everything for people who are content to just let their feet take them wherever and who don’t set out on trips with a planned itinerary.

Pull over along the highway to sample fresh fruit and local delicacies like ube (taro), atsara with ampalaya, coconut pie, peanut brittle and watermelons.

A number of roadside stalls also offer a variety of flowering plants, cooking herbs and tree seedlings for you to take home and plant in your own garden.

Tagaytay - JosephinesYou can also stop at any of the dozens of restaurants that are scattered throughout the city.

Restaurants along the left side of the highway (if you’re going further south) have spacious decks and gardens that give you expansive views of the Taal Volcano and lake.

Go for the famous Leslie’s bulalo (soup with pork bone marrow, corn and vegetables) which sells for Php500+ or about $12 a bowl—a tasty and affordable treat for the chilly weather.

Josephine’s features a full lunch and dinner buffet for Php 300 or only $7 per head. Enjoy all kinds of Filipino favourites like lechon (roasted pig), halo-halo and pansit, plus other classic dishes like baked scallops and grilled pork chops.

Sonias Gardens Spa Hotel Tagaytay, Philippines

Sonias Gardens Spa Hotel, Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines

Sonya’s Garden

Finally, you can drop by Sonya’s Garden, which is famous for its desserts and gourmet meals. The prices can be a little prohibitive, but the food and the ambiance are more than worth it.

Most of the ingredients such as the herbs and greens are organically grown right within the garden, so every bite is as flavourful as it is fresh.