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Smash Something at Isdaan Sea Food Restaurant

Smash Something at Isdaan Sea Food Restaurant

Eat and Hurl at Isdaan

Tucked in the little town of Gerona, Tarlac, you’ll find a cozy restaurant that is slowly but steadily attracting patrons from all over the country.

Isdaan is the Filipino word for fishpond, and it’s certainly an apt name for a restaurant that serves fresh, scrumptious seafood. But there’s more to this eatery than what you can find on the printed menu. In between sampling the homemade local dishes, you can also spend your time hurling stuff against a wall especially erected to satisfy customers with a good throwing arm.



Known as the “taksyapo” wall, the lively red-and-white wall is a great invitation for customers who just want to pick Isdaan - Seafood Restaurantsomething up and smash it into smithereens.

Angry folks, stressed yuppies, and emotional individuals can all find their release at the taksyapo wall. You can choose from an array of broken television sets, plates, crockery, cups, and other objects that you can throw against the taksyapo wall with all your might.

Be careful what you pick up, though, because every item will cost you a little something. But for the privilege of shouting “Taksyapo!” and then pitching your item of choice, the nominal price shouldn’t be a problem.

Taksyapo is a cuss word in the old Kapampangan dialect. It’s usually blurted out when one is extremely mad. It’s the perfect thing to shout as you let loose with a platter or a cup against the wall. Seeing and hearing the fragile objects shatter into a hundred pieces is a different kind of thrill, especially since nobody gets hurt and everyone is having a good time.

For the customers at Isdaan, the Taksyapo wall is certainly a lively and novel way to get rid of negative feelings and have fun at the same time. You can find good food anywhere across the Philippines, but there’s only one place where you can eat and hurl, Taksyapo-style.