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Kulinarya Tour:  A Treat for your Taste Buds

Kulinarya Tour: A Treat for your Taste Buds


When visiting a country like the Philippines, it would be a sin not to try as many of the scrumptious local delicacies as you can. There are lots of regional specialties that you can choose from for every meal, and then you can also take small snacks in between to satiate your hunger as you take in the sights and sounds of the country.

But to take advantage of the unique culinary wonders that the Philippines has to offer, you can also take a tour specifically designed to satisfy the food lover in you.




Savor the Flavor

The Philippines is literally a melting pot of different tastes, cultures, and histories. Amazon ImageThree hundred years of Spanish colonization have left an indelible mark in the Filipino taste bud, and to this day we regularly serve food that have distinctly Castilian names and origins such as paella, embotido, and arroz caldo.

Our long years of trading with the Chinese—which harks back to the pre-colonization time—have also gifted us with exciting Chinese dishes like pancit, lumpia, hopia, and siomai.

Other peoples have also found their way into our homes and hearts, each one leaving us with a signature dish or two.

Because of this cultural and culinary story, each region slowly developed its own repertoire of tasty treats, the fame of which spread wide throughout the country. Some foodie destinations are more popular than others, like Pampanga, Bicol, Cebu, and General Santos, each one boasting a different local delicacy whose taste and texture is truly heavenly.

Choice places to eat

The province of Pampanga is best known for its sisig, a sizzling dish that’s just hot enough to tickle your palate. The tour package also veers into the nearby province of Bulacan, where you can gorge yourself in as many desserts and pastries as your belly can handle.

Bicol is the land of the (in)famous Bicol Express, an extra spicy pork dish named after the train line that runs from Manila to Legaspi City. The province is also home to the majestic Mayon Volcano, probably the world’s most perfectly-shaped active volcano.

Cebu will not disappoint you. The Queen City of the South features a unique lechon (pork roasted on an open pit) dish, which is juicy and tender enough to melt in your mouth with every bite. The island province can also draw you in with its stunning beachscapes and buzzing urban centers.

Finally, down south you can find the treasured city of General Santos, hometown of the country’s most popular boxer and the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. In this city you can find the freshest, most delectable cuts of tuna and other aquatic delights.

These are but four of the many different places you can visit for a most memorable Filipino food trip. You can also plan your own culinary itinerary, going from place to place as your taste buds dictate.