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Surf’s Up In Sunny Siargao

Surf’s Up In Sunny Siargao

Surf’s Up In Sunny Siargao

Surfing In The Philippines

Surfing In Siargao - PhilippinesThe rest of the Philippines may be toughing out a typhoon season, but you can head down to sunny Siargao to surf your heart out.

Every year, you can experience the most thrilling ride of your life by joining the International Surf Festival in General Luna, Siargao Island.

It runs from September – October, so pack your bags and book your ticket to the island dude.





Heart Of The Sea

Siargao is the country’s surf capital, a veritable haven for beach bums and surf enthusiasts from all over the world. The island may be small, but it certainly has room for lots of adventure and excitement.

Its eastern coastline faces the Pacific Ocean, giving it a serene beauty and view like no other. The trench is the second deepest water in the world, so you can be sure that the waves coming from that part of the ocean would be among the best you will ever ride.

A couple of miles off the shore is the famous Philippine Trench which goes down to a maximum depth of 10, 157 meters—just imagine how big the waves can get when they reach the island.

The waves have undiminished fury when they roll out of the trench and crash onto the shore. It’s the kind of wave that can make a serious surfer delirious with joy.


Catch A Break At The Beach

Surfing Siargao Philippines - The BreakIt will take both a plane and a boat ride for you to get to Siargao Island, but the long trip sure is worth it.

The southwest habagat monsoon from August to November amplifies the power of the waves, so this is the perfect time for you to visit the country.

You can choose the type of accommodation that best fits your budget, tastes and desire to be as close to the ocean as possible.

Some of the world-class breaks that you can experience on Siargao Island include Cloud 9 (by far the most popular break, but mostly for experienced surfers only), Jacking Horse, Stimpy’s, Pacifico and Rock Island, among others.

Should you tire of heading out to sea to meet the breaks, you can take a rest from surfboards for a while to explore the lush virgin tropical surroundings. There are plenty of activities that you can engage in during your stay in Siargao like, island hopping, snorkelling or swimming in the waterfalls.