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A Pyromusical Affair

A Pyromusical Affair

The Philippines thundered with the sound of fireworks this March, in the 4th International Pyromusical Competition.

The SM Mall of Asia’s esplanade provided a breezy venue for the fireworks festival, a  dozen countries from all over the world, the Philippines included, battled to become this year’s pyromusical winner. The list of hopefuls included Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Spain, UK, South Korea, Italy, The Netherlands, China, Australia, and Canada. The Philippines, as host country, had the honour of staging the closing exhibition.

So what’s the different between a “normal” fireworks display and a pyromusical one, you say? Well, for one thing, the fireworks at the pyromusical festival are not mere visual delights. The fireworks are engineered to sync with background music and special sound effects, making the experience a double treat for anyone who’s ever loved seeing the sky illuminated by impressive sparkly things.

So just as you ooh and ahh over a beautiful flowery red shower in the sky, drum rolls blare out of the speakers and a staccato burst of blue and yellow shooters light up the night.

The real action happens aboard the barges upon which the fireworks are launched. These barges sit way out in the Manila Bay. The distance ensures that spectators are kept safe from the blasts. You don’t have to worry about the heat wave coming off from the barges, or about debris accidentally falling into your lap and igniting your clothes.

Moreover, the distance also allows for the fireworks to be launched into the air at wider angles—there are no structures to obstruct the view and no structures to avoid as the fireworks are set off one by one (or in groups). Spectators need only crane their heads back a little in order to take in the entire display. Against the perfectly black backdrop of sea and sky, the fireworks are launched to depict various colorful configurations set to thundering music.