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Spend a Day in Davao

Spend a Day in Davao

A Day In Davao

Southern Philippines

Did you know that you can fly from the north to the south of the Philippines in just a few hours?

The whole country is small enough to be travelled around in a couple of days, if you’re staying in Manila, some places you can visit on your holiday include Batangas, Tagaytay or Baguio. There are also provinces where you can fly to and experience something other than what the metro can offer you.

Fly down to Davao where nature and adventure keep pace with one another.


Travel To Davao & Climb Mount Apo

Mt Apo - Visiting Davao, PhilippinesDavao is one of the places where you can leave behind all your worries and stress. This province is home to the infamous durian fruit, a unique treat that tastes as good as it smells bad.

Don’t forget to try the fruit or the candy and dessert variants to find out why some people would rather not get near it.

The province also boasts of the tallest peak in the country, Mount Apo, where rookie and expert mountain climbers alike love to scale the heights. From atop Mt. Apo on a clear day, you can see the rare and exciting view of the lush forest in the surrounding area.

Davao City is reputed to be one of the most disciplined cities in the country, thanks in large part to the iron-fisted local government officials who are devoted to transforming Davao into a bustling, safe and attractive tourist haven in Mindanao.

You have to fly to get there, but you can also take a ship although the trip can last more than a day. If you wish to make the most out of your trip, it’s better for you to take a plane so you can get there quickly.


Visiting Davao

What Else Is There To See?

Oh, lots and lots. Davao is the kind of low-key city that you can visit anytime. If you think you’ve seen it all, this city always has something else to surprise you. In fact, you can go on an adventure through the province with just a backpack and sturdy sneakers to see you through, no special equipment necessary.

Ligid Island (Buenavista Island) Davao - Philippines
There’s the Davao Gulf, a long beautiful stretch of sea and sky that you can explore to your heart’s desire. The pristine beaches will give you a taste of what paradise is like.

There’s also the Davao Crocodile Park, which currently serves as sanctuary for possibly the biggest crocodile ever captured. Other types of crocodiles are also kept in captivity for research purposes, but visitors are most welcome.

Finally, for those who thirst for heart-stopping excitement, there’s one holiday activity in Davao that you shouldn’t dare miss. The longest zip line in Asia awaits those who are brave enough to fly through the sky on super-long, super-speedy cable line.

You can fly down sitting on a harness or you can have yourself strapped so you zoom through the air face first. Heck, you can even go through the line in an inverted position if that’s your thing.
A short trek through the woods and an even shorter raft ride will bring you the jump point so you can experience this thrilling ride for yourself.

What would you do on a vacation to Davao? Have you experienced the crazy zip line? Could you make it to the top of Mount Apo? – Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.