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Baler, Aurora | Secret Beaches for Surfers

Baler, Aurora - Philippines Surfing

Baler, Aurora. Sand, Salt, Sun, and Sea When looking for the perfect beach getaway, people flock to the usual suspects such as Boracay, Palawan or Puerto Galera. Flat lands lead to the sea, so we go the obvious island destinations that offer lots of commercial amenities and great seascapes. But.. Tucked away at the base of the Sierra Madre mountain ... Read More »

Surf’s Up In Sunny Siargao

Surfing Siargao Philippines - The Break

Surf’s Up In Sunny Siargao Surfing In The Philippines The rest of the Philippines may be toughing out a typhoon season, but you can head down to sunny Siargao to surf your heart out. Every year, you can experience the most thrilling ride of your life by joining the International Surf Festival in General Luna, Siargao Island. It runs from ... Read More »