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Food Production In The Philippines – Mushrooms

Video: Oyster Mushroom Farming in Silang Cavite, Philippines. Mushroom Farming in the Philippines Mushroom cultivation is a rapidly growing industry in the Philippines and there are many mushroom farms springing up across the country. Farms range in size from small homesteads to large facilities and some of the varieties cultivated across the Philippines include: Oyster Mushrooms, Woodear, Shitake, Button and ... Read More »

How to Help the Relief Efforts in The Philippines – Aftermath of Super-Typhoon Haiyan


Rescue and recovery organizations from around the world are pouring into the storm-battered Philippines, where Super-typhoon Haiyan, also known as Yolanda, inflicted widespread devastation. Up to 10,000 people are feared dead in the aftermath of the storm, which made landfall on Friday as one of the worst on record in the typhoon-prone nation. Non-governmental organizations and charities are mobilizing to ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines

Coron Philippines Cliffs - Visit The Philippines

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Philippines A Guest Post By No1 Traveller There are definitely many good reasons why there is a lot to do on a vacation in the Philippines. That’s true because there are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines depending on the tides and each has their own special charm. Here are ten great reasons ... Read More »

Bohol, Philippines – Chocolate Hills, River Cruising and Gremlin Spotting..

Bohol, Philippines - Chocolate Hills

Bohol, Philippines Chocolate Hills The Chocolate Hills in Bohol offer an entirely new take on the standard-issue hills and hillocks that you can find elsewhere in the world. The province’s signature tourist destination gives you an expansive view of row upon row of curiously-shaped hills spreading into the distance. From the airport in Tagbilaran, you have to travel to Carmen ... Read More »

Ten things you will LOVE about the Philippines

10 Things You Will LOVE About The Philippines   Most seasoned travellers have a favorite holiday destination that they like going back to every now and then. There’s just that something in that particular place that sets it apart from any other location on earth. Whether you’ve been on holiday to the Philippines a couple of times already or you’re ... Read More »

A Visit To The Queen City of the South, Cebu, Visayas

Queen City of the South, Cebu, Visayas   Most tourists who holiday to the Philippines put Manila as their first stop. Foreigners have this notion that the capital is the only place in the country where you can find luxurious accommodations, dance clubs, fine restaurants and other such trappings of modern living. However, the capital isn’t the only city in ... Read More »

Palawan – The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 2)

pawikan - coron island

Palawan -A Journey To The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 2) Arena Island & Coron Island   A holiday to the province of Palawan is never complete until you check out the many beautiful spots where you can appreciate the wonders of the tropical marine life. Plus, you can also immerse yourself in the local life by partaking of native delicacies ... Read More »

Palawan – The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 1)


Palawan -A Journey To The Last Philippine Frontier (Part 1) The Philippines has many ecologically unique and diverse locations, but none has ever come close to the beauty and bounty of Palawan. This small sliver of a province is set apart from the rest of the Luzon and Visayas islands. It is actually made up of 1,700 islands, an archipelago ... Read More »

The Philippines – Geography 101

The Philippines – Geography 101 This post is all about giving tourists a short but useful lesson in Philippine geography.  Getting lost in a foreign country on your vacation is always a possibility, so you don’t want to be completely clueless about its overall layout. Remember that every place you go to is just one small picture of what the ... Read More »

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveller In Vigan (Part 1)

Vigan, Philippines - City Street

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveller In Vigan (Part 1 of a series) Have you ever wished that you could turn back time and see for yourself how a place looked like centuries ago? Well, in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, you can do just that. An 8-hour ride northwards from Manila will take you to the famed provinces of Ilocos Norte ... Read More »