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Food Production In The Philippines – Mushrooms

Video: Oyster Mushroom Farming in Silang Cavite, Philippines. Mushroom Farming in the Philippines Mushroom cultivation is a rapidly growing industry in the Philippines and there are many mushroom farms springing up across the country. Farms range in size from small homesteads to large facilities and some of the varieties cultivated across the Philippines include: Oyster Mushrooms, Woodear, Shitake, Button and ... Read More »

Famous Filipino’s – Lea Salonga, Disney Legend

Lea Salonga - Famous Filipinos

Filipinos are kings of creativity. When we were under Spanish rule and couldn’t speak out against our overmasters, we turned to song to express patriotic sentiments. When we were under Japanese occupation and condiments were scarce, we crafted banana ketchup to add some spice to our drab meals. So it’s no surprise that Filipinos are also at the forefront of ... Read More »

The Sounds Of The Philippines


It’s no understatement to say that Filipinos have a special place in their heart for music. In the 1970s, Filipino inventor and patent holder Roberto del Rosario built upon the original design made by the Japanese and came up with the modern karaoke sing-along system. Soon enough, the KTV (karaoke television) craze spread like wildfire across the country, and anywhere ... Read More »

Kulinarya Tour: A Treat for your Taste Buds

Kulinarya Tour: A Treat for your Taste Buds

  When visiting a country like the Philippines, it would be a sin not to try as many of the scrumptious local delicacies as you can. There are lots of regional specialties that you can choose from for every meal, and then you can also take small snacks in between to satiate your hunger as you take in the sights ... Read More »

Smash Something at Isdaan Sea Food Restaurant

Isdaan - Seafood Restaurant

Eat and Hurl at Isdaan Tucked in the little town of Gerona, Tarlac, you’ll find a cozy restaurant that is slowly but steadily attracting patrons from all over the country. Isdaan is the Filipino word for fishpond, and it’s certainly an apt name for a restaurant that serves fresh, scrumptious seafood. But there’s more to this eatery than what you ... Read More »

The Sari – Sari Store – Filipino Retail

sari-sari store

The Sari-Sari Store – Small Filipino Retail   Have you ever seen little packets of soy sauce, cooking oil, and laundry detergent being sold in retail stores? What about small sachets of shampoo, hair gel or lotion? The Philippines is a county chock-full of stuff being sold tingi-style, or in ultra-small retail sizes. It’s one of the quirks of living ... Read More »

Enjoying Food The Filipino Way

Click Here For A Bicol Express Recipe

Enjoying Food The Filipino Way  The Philippines is a country known for its sumptuous homemade delicacies and dishes, each one featuring ingredients unique to the place where it originated. The Ilocanos have their pinakbet, the Kapampangans have their sisig, and the Bicolanos have their Bicol express. What unifies all these distinct flavours and seasonings is the Filipinos’ love for good ... Read More »

Filipino Pina, A Love Affair With The Pineapple

Pineapples at Market in The Philippines

Filipino Pina, A Love Affair With The Pineapple The pineapple is a juicy, nutritious, and tangy tropical fruit that is a great favorite among Filipinos. It is probably the only other fruit that comes close to the coconut as a cooling delight, especially during summer. Local legend has it that the pineapple is actually a girl who was turned into ... Read More »

Summer In The Philippines – Filipino Frozen Delights

Halo Halo - Filipino Frozen Delights

Summer In The Philippines Filipino Frozen Delights With the Philippines’ amazing summer weather come the tropical heat and humidity that can drive even the most dedicated beach junkies indoors. Even the scenery, crystal-clear skies, warm winds, and powdery sand can do little to distract people from the soaring temperatures, especially at midday. So if you’re feeling a little too worn ... Read More »

Manila Nightlife – Party ala Pinoy

The Nightlife In Manila Party ala Pinoy   Travelling to a different country can sometimes mean letting go of everything that’s familiar, at least for a short while. You have to say goodbye to your comfortable king-size bed, to your loyal dog or cat, to your friends and family, to regular home-cooked meals served just the way you like it. ... Read More »