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A Pyromusical Affair

Flyer from the Pyromusical Competition

The Philippines thundered with the sound of fireworks this March, in the 4th International Pyromusical Competition. The SM Mall of Asia’s esplanade provided a breezy venue for the fireworks festival, a  dozen countries from all over the world, the Philippines included, battled to become this year’s pyromusical winner. The list of hopefuls included Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Spain, UK, South Korea, ... Read More »

Happy New Year (again!)

year-of-the-snake-chinese new year

Happy New Year (again!) February is the love month in the Philippines, just like in any other country in the world. In addition to Valentine’s Day, another special occasion is usually celebrated on the second month of the year—the Chinese New Year. With its rich history of Chinese trade and immigration dating back to the pre-Spanish colonization era, the Philippines ... Read More »

Catholic Festivals Of The Philippines – Viva Pit Señor!

Santo nino festival  - Holiday Philippines

Catholic Festivals Of The Philippines Viva Pit Señor! January in the Philippines is the month for Catholic festivities, Wherever you may be staying in the country and whatever may be the name of the festival you’re joining, you will certainly see lots of exciting activities, colorful parades, joyous street dances, and amazing fireworks. Filipinos are rather serious about putting on a ... Read More »

Celebrating the Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival in Cadiz City

Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival in Cadiz City

Celebrating the Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival in Cadiz City A Guest Post by Logan. From January 22nd to January 30th , the citizens of Cadiz City will be celebrating their annual Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival to celebrate El Señor Sto. Nino. This festival usually lasts around a week near the end of January and includes vibrant costumes, dancing, and passionate beating of drums. Many ... Read More »

The Heart Of A Devotee | Quiapo Church, The Black Nazarene


The Heart Of A Devotee Viva Señor Nazareno! In the first week of January, the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (more popularly known as Quiapo Church) along Quezon Boulevard, Manila becomes one of the busiest churches in the entire Philippines. This grandiose structure is home to the well-loved Black Nazarene or the Señor Nazareno, which came to the Philippines ... Read More »

Happy New Year! Filipino Celebrations and Superstitions

new year fireworks philippines

Happy New Year! Filipino Celebrations and Superstitions Filipinos are generally superstitious. This is not surprising given that the country’s version of Catholicism is steeped in the rich brew of folk magic and cross-cultural traditions. The Chinese, Americans, Japanese (and to a certain extent, the French, British and the Dutch) have all landed ashore at some point or another in Philippine ... Read More »

Paskong Pinoy 202 (A Christmas Special Part 2)

Paskong Pinoy A Christmas In The Philippines Special (Part 2)   A truly Pinoy Christmas can only be characterized as a gathering of friends, family and food. Filipinos love nothing better than fresh, home-cooked meals. There’s no better time to showcase one’s best family recipes or personal cooking prowess as when kin from all over the country come home for ... Read More »

The Best Christmas Sights In The Metro | Christmas In Manila


The Best Christmas Sights In The Metro  Christmas In Manila A Holiday Philippines Blog Christmas Special.   As the only Catholic country in Asia, the Philippines is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the region. There are no flurries of powdery snow falling down from the sky, no below-zero temperatures to worry about, no live pine trees ... Read More »

The 9 Mornings Of Christmas

The 9 Mornings Of Christmas Christmas In The Philippines   No authentic Christian Filipino Christmas is complete without the traditional simbang gabi or early morning novena mass. The nine simbang gabi masses have since become more than just an empty ritual for Pinoys during this season. Read More »

Paskong Pinoy 101

xmas lights manila

Paskong Pinoy 101 A Holiday Philippines Blog Christmas Special (Part 1) On this side of the globe, Christmas comes early, really early. The start of the –ber months signals two different things for the Philippines. It is the unofficial end of the monsoon season, when fewer and fewer storms come in from the Pacific Ocean and the weather settles into ... Read More »