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Ultimate beach fun at Boracay Island

Ultimate beach fun at Boracay Island

Ultimate Beach Fun At Boracay Island

Nothing spells summer better than the white sand beaches and azure waters in Boracay Island in Aklan, Philippines. There are so many different ways you can enjoy your holiday to this island that you should plan your trip carefully before you even hop on the plane.

With so many things to do, places to visit and delicacies to try, you will be hard-pressed to come up with a travel itinerary that can accommodate all that the island has to offer.

Paradise Island

What’s more, this little piece of paradise is famous all over the world—locals and foreigners flock to the island by the thousands every year so you should make sure that you have ready lodgings and transportation arrangements.

Summer is peak season in Boracay as people try to avoid the choking, humid atmosphere in the urban areas.

And unlike other tourist attractions in the Philippines, a Boracay vacation can cost you considerably more because of the popularity of the place and the extremely beautiful seascape.


How To Get To Boracay

There are three different ways by which you can reach this small but incredible island in the Visayas. First, you can buy a ticket from any of the domestic airliners that offer daily or weekly flights to Boracay from Manila and other provinces.

Your plane will touch down on Caticlan airport in Panay, but you still need to take a ferryboat to cross Tabon Strait and get to the island itself. The jetty port at Caticlan is the only way into and out of the island, so you should be patient with the queues, if any.

Just make sure that you wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet along the way.

You can also ride any of the commercial ferry lines from Manila to Panay, a trip that can take 12 hours. Another transportation option is to a ride a bus that goes up into the large roll-on, roll-off boats and docks in Kalibo, Aklan.

Despite the obvious cost advantage of travelling by sea, the long travel time can throw you off your schedule and lessen your time on the beach. For most people, getting to Boracay via plane is still the best and quickest route.


Beach Fun In Boracay

Snorkeling in Boracay, PhilippinesIn Boracay, the sea is your best friend. It is the one dominant feature of the island that will take your breath away every sunrise and the most awe-inspiring sight you can see at dusk.

However, the sea isn’t the only thing that makes the island one of the hottest beach destinations in the world.

Its fine, powdery white sand shore is also a distinctive characteristic that lures visitors back year after year after year.

Blue Crystal Beach Resort – Philippines

And it’s not just the standard swimming, snorkelling or diving that you can do on your holiday in Boracay. There are lots of watersports and fun activities that you can also try your hand in, such as paraw sailing, windsurfing, kite boarding, beach volleyball and Frisbee, kayaking and sports fishing.

Apart from these thrilling water activities, you can also opt for massage sessions at the beach and spa therapies at your resort, if such is offered.

Boracay is a gem of a beach destination and is pretty comprehensive when it comes to amenities and activities. Both the national and the local governments have embarked on extensive development projects to promote the island as a prime attraction for local and foreign tourists.

You can expect to find a world-class resort with all the bells and whistles or an honest nipa hut that can fit your budget. If you’re not very particular about the utilities and amenities at your hotel, you can go Spartan and settle for a less-than-fancy room.

But if you have the money for more tasteful accommodations, go ahead and book yourself a high-end suite in any of the upper-crust resorts and hotels dotting the island.


Party Like A Rock-Star

One other thing that makes Boracay a truly one-of-a kind beach destination is its desirability as a party venue. All along the shore, you can take your pick of clubs and bars with DJ’s that cater to your music taste and vibe for the night.

The nightlife is made even livelier by the cool sea breeze and the crash of the waves. You don’t even have to dress up and put on makeup for a night out, you can retain your beachwear or throw on a fashionable coverall and you’re ready to party.

party dj Boracay, PhilippinesFrom loud and rocking to casual and eclectic, the restaurant-bars on the beach is sure to offer you a little something to convince you to stay for the night.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the person next to you is a celebrity, local or otherwise.

The entertainment scene in Boracay is well-known for attracting the best and the most famous.

And the best thing is that the party never stops on Boracay Island.