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Close Encounters With The Gentle Giant In Donsol

Holiday Philippines - Whale Shark with swimmer

Close Encounters With The Gentle Giant Diving With Whale Sharks In Donsol Humans have a natural aversion to this predator of the sea because of its size, strength and apparent appetite for human flesh. While there are indeed certain species of sharks and other marine creatures that can inflict permanent bodily injury upon humans, there are also some species that ... Read More »

King Of The Road – The Iconic Jeepney

The Iconic Jeepney – King Of The Road You know that you’re in the Philippines when you see Jeepneys careening down the road. In well-paved urban boulevards and potholed country roads, the Jeepney is the most common form of public transportation patronized by Filipinos.   Read More »

Camarines Sur – A Different Kind Of Wild

Cam Sur water sports complex

A Different Kind Of Wild In Camarines Sur Tired of going to the same old beaches with the same boring sceneries? Visit Camarines Sur in Bicol, Philippines and you’ll never look at a beach the same way again. Camarines Sur was something of a backwoods district until only a couple of years ago, when the local government decided to push ... Read More »

Food of The Philippines – A Guide To Traditional Filipino Foods

Filipina White House - cristeta_comerford

A Guide To Traditional Filipino Food Most travellers visit a country for the beautiful sights you can visit. You want a change of scenery so you book a flight to some delightful, exotic location where you can tour and take photos of new places. If you ask me, there’s more to travelling than having new sights to feast your eyes ... Read More »