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The Philippines For The Cultured Traveller – Museums & Art

National Museum - Manila, Philippines

Dig A Little Deeper Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can learn more about the country you want to visit than the standard-issue tourist stuff you can find in books, websites and magazines? Not a lot of people spend time trying to familiarize themselves with their holiday destination, thinking that they’ll only stay a couple of days or weeks anyway. ... Read More »

Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights (Part 1)

Tagaytay – A Feast Of Food & Sights (Part 1)   Travelling to the city of Tagaytay in Batangas/Cavite can be a welcome respite from Manila’s traffic and warm climes. This small but popular southern locale is less than two hours away from Manila by car or bus. If you’re looking for a short yet still worthwhile mini-holiday, Tagaytay is ... Read More »

Tagaytay – A Trip To The Top

Tagaytay – A Trip To The Top   You can climb just about any mountain in the world, but have you ever trekked to the top of an active volcano that sits right in the middle of a freshwater lake? Unbelievable as it may seem, there is actually a live volcano that is half-submerged in a lake, a unique geological ... Read More »