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Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 3) – Panagbenga

Chilling Out In Baguio (part 3 of a series) Every other tourist destination you visit will give you the luxury of walking aimlessly around, stopping at stores to shop, eat or simply sightsee. In Baguio, there’s no such thing as idle, unproductive time. There’s so much to see and do that you would feel like you will not cover everything ... Read More »

The Philippines – Geography 101

The Philippines – Geography 101 This post is all about giving tourists a short but useful lesson in Philippine geography.  Getting lost in a foreign country on your vacation is always a possibility, so you don’t want to be completely clueless about its overall layout. Remember that every place you go to is just one small picture of what the ... Read More »

The Hundred Islands – Island Hopping x 100

The Hundred Islands National Park – Philippines Island Hopping x 100   A holiday to the Northern Philippines wouldn’t be complete unless you drop by the dazzling Hundred Islands National Park just off the coast of Alaminos, Pangasinan. The National Park is the province’s best known tourist attraction, drawing swimmers, snorkelers and beach bums of all ages and nationalities. Read More »

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveller In Vigan (Part 1)

Vigan, Philippines - City Street

Viva Ilocandia: A Time Traveller In Vigan (Part 1 of a series) Have you ever wished that you could turn back time and see for yourself how a place looked like centuries ago? Well, in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, you can do just that. An 8-hour ride northwards from Manila will take you to the famed provinces of Ilocos Norte ... Read More »

Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 2)

Chilling Out In Baguio (part 2 of a series)   Arrival In Baguio So now that you’ve arrived safely in the City of Pines, the first thing you should do is to drop off your bags in your lodging place. Take a bath, eat something, rest if you have to. When you feel refreshed enough to get back on the ... Read More »

Chilling Out In Baguio (Part 1)

Chilling Out In Baguio   (Part 1 of a series) Even in a true-blue tropical country like the Philippines, you will still find places where the temperature does not go further than 20 degrees Celsius on the hottest days. If you get tired of the balmy beach weather or the city pollution, head up to Baguio City for a breath ... Read More »

Filipino Food At Its Finest

Filipino Food

Filipino Food At Its Finest Filipinos like their food cooked just the way their mothers cook it, with a duo of rice and meat or vegetable viand. We eat three big meals a day and take snacks (or merienda, as we call it in the local tongue) whenever we feel the urge to eat a little something. Food is relatively ... Read More »

Travelling The Philippine Islands

Getting Around The 7,107 Tropical Islands Of The Philippines.   The streets in the big cities like Manila, Cebuand Davao are easy enough to locate and follow because they have visible street signs and are actually laid out in a grid. However, you might have a bit more difficulty navigating the roads in provinces because they don’t always have a ... Read More »