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Travelling The Philippines On A Budget

Backpacking The Philippines & Travelling On A Budget Have budget, will travel Are you a little short on cash? Don’t worry, you can still pack up your bags and go ahead with your Philippine holiday.   The Philippines is not an expensive tourist destination, and unless you’re looking for an all-exclusive, five-star experience from the moment you land in the ... Read More »

The 3 W’s Of Your Philippine Vacation.

 Planning Your Holiday The 3 W’s Of Your Philippine Vacation   For some people, the worst part about travelling is that they don’t know what to expect from the place they are going to visit. They don’t know what’s going to happen once their plane lands. Then again, some people have such high expectations of their travel destinations that it’s ... Read More »

Say It Like A Filipino: Useful Words, Phrases and Cultural Notes

A Quick Guide to Filipino: Useful Words, Phrases and Cultural Notes.   It’s easy to get lost in a new place, and it’s almost inevitable that you will get confused with street names, train stations and the like when you travel abroad. During times like this, even your Google Earth map may not be of much help to you and ... Read More »

Getting to the Philippines

Getting to the Philippines – Flights & Airports   Booking your flight to the Philippines should not be too much of a hassle, given that there are already a good number of airlines that offer direct or connected flights to the country. You can go through your favorite travel agency or just book a flight on your own with your ... Read More »

Just Keep Coming Back To Manila

Manila City Skyline

Manila – Capital Of The Philippines. No traveller to the Philippines can ever have a complete trip to the country without landing in the famed capital of Manila. Most international flights land in Manila, but there are also other international airports scattered around the country. Read More »

Travel to the Philippines

Travel to the Philippines  Go Asia!   Kick off your Southeast Asian tour with a trip to the Philippines, a country composed of 7,107 islands and about 80 million friendly people. Read More »