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We believe that every vacation can become a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. So we want to help you to discover the very best that the Philippines has to offer tourists heading to the Philippines.


Here you will find reliable information and helpful tips to maximise your stay including: Finding accommodation in the Philippines, Filipino food and eating out, useful words and phrases in the Filipino language, the top places to visit, best attractions to see and the most memorable activities available to ensure your vacation is the best ever!


The Philippines is a country rich in biodiversity, breathtaking sights and sumptuous foods. An archipelago country made up of over 7100 islands yet the Philippines is small enough to travel to any region within a few hours by plane. Popular destinations for tourists are Bohol, Boracay, Manila, Palawan, Vigan and Cebu.


But for those of you who have the desire to get off the beaten track, do more than the usual tourist and add some real adventure to your holiday, we show you areas that are not too well known to foreigners.

Breath-taking places that no other place in the world can provide. You can take a bite of delicious native delicacies and live the Filipino life for a while.

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To immerse yourself in the Filipino culture see our guides to popular Filipino festivals, the best tourist spots in the Philippines, where to find exotic wildlife and prepare for your trip by reading our travel tips and advice.

As a highly Americanised society the primary language of the Philippines is in fact English although there are various local dialects spoken by natives.


A holiday to the Philippines can provide a tropical paradise, a city break or a mountain adventure.


Whether you are snatching a week or two’s vacation from work or leisurely enjoying a six month mini retirement, longing to top up your tan on sun kissed beaches or itching to hit the shops in metro Manila, fancy a visit to a water park, an underground cave or maybe climb a volcano? Its all possible when you choose the Philippines as your destination.


Whether your are back-packing your way across Asia or heading straight to the spa resort, however you enjoy your holiday to the Philippines, with a little planning, your vacation can be a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to suit your taste, budget and time.

If the Philippines is the destination for you, research or book your hotels by checking out our Hotels in the Philippines listings for more information on where to stay.